Basenji Wanted in Southern California (Burbank Area)

  • Hey Everyone,
    I've been researching this breed alot over the last couple weeks and my wife and I are looking to adopt a basenji. We visited the Medfly Brigade in Acton this past weekend and had a great time interacting with the dogs.

    If anyone has a basenji that is up for adoption please let me know. We live in an apartment building in Burbank with plenty of space for one of these little guys.

  • Keep a watch out on the BRAT website. I know they do a great job placing dogs!

    When you went to Acton they didnt have a basenji that fit your family? I found mine threw (you can type basenji in the search) but it took me several months of checking the site everyday to find a B that was well rounded. It was worth the wait in the end. Of course it all depends on what you are looking for in a dog.

  • We are still looking for a dog. Karen and Chuck didn't have a Basenji that would fit our situation as the ones we had picked were howlers when they were alone. They had even gotten complaints from these dogs and some of their neighbors were a good 50-100 yards away. haha

    If anyone has a basenji that is up for adoption, please contact me


  • You could also check with some of the breeders in So. Cal, they might have a "x" show dog that they are looking to place or a return pup….. you can find breeders at and then go to the breeder directory…..

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