• Hi there, I did a search, but didn't find anything.
    Hoping someone can help me with a recommendation for reusable diapers (or whatever else you have done) for my 9 month old girl. I was hoping to do a traditional cloth diaper-type fold using square of muslin with a cotton insert that I could change out, but she just bites and tears at it. I'm guessing some in the group would have brand and size recommendations since our B's are likely about the same size.

  • Yup. Been there in May. You’re gonna have so much fun. We used these diapers from Amazon. We washed them several times and they seemed to hold up pretty well. We still have them and will use them again, hopefully soon. Also, they were far less expensive than the brand I first obtained from my neighborhood pet supply store. We also bought panty liners, cut them in half, and applied them to the inside of the diaper. We changed the liner fairly often as we let her outside for a potty breaks.


  • Thank you! What size did you get? Did she leave them alone? Any tips? Is this really going to go on a month like I have read?

  • @italeigha I am in the US.

  • @italeigha - Not JengosMonkey, but my girls over 30+ yrs would never wear them... usually because we had other Basenjis in the home and if she would leave them on, the others would take them off and destroy them... gave up on them. But for the most part they do keep themselves pretty clean... put drop cloths on the couch, etc.... and wash their bedding about every other day. The drips on the floor (not carpet) easy enough to spot and clean each day.

  • @italeigha We chose the mediums, but the smalls might work for a young doggy. She left them alone pretty well. Never really messed with them herself. We also have an intact male and breeding them wasn’t part of the plan, so they served as a last final line of defense, a chastity belt if you will in the oft chance of an unplanned close encounter. It really didn’t seem like a month though. Seemed more like an eternity. Two intact dogs during heat isn’t for the inattentive. I was so glad when that adventure was over.

  • Back in the day, I used what is best described as a period pad held on by a purpose made belt. The pads were disposable, not reusable. Probably better options now, but my bitch was good about leaving it alone.

  • I have never used any form of diaper. The bitches are so clean - just a washable towel over the favorite chair 'in case' - but often even that is unnecessary. Using them as a chastity belt would seem to be a dubious risk ! A really determined boy would rip 'em off !

  • We don't use anything either. We have hard floors so easy to clean up any drops, but generally she keeps herself clean. I put old towels on the back of the sofa (where she likes to sleep in the day) and in her bed. I do wish we didn't have white bed sheets though as she sleeps in it from about 5am!

  • I would agree with others though if you have only her. Probably not necessary. How's it going?

  • So it is a bit over three weeks now and the bleeding seems to have stopped. The diapers above were brilliant. Good fit and after a bit of messing with it the first time, she left them alone. We didn't use them all the time, but they sure were nice to have when we needed them. If company came, if she rode in the car, if we were washing the dog throw we were protecting the couch with, etc. We are fortunate to have wood floors downstairs so just going around and cleaning up after wasn't too big of a deal. We washed the bedding as suggested as needed. IF I can remember how to post a photo on here, I will post one of her in her diaper; she wore it regally!

  • @italeigha I'll add that she did keep herself clean for the most part. We went camping during this time so the diaper was perfect for the night in the tent.

  • @italeigha - 3 to 4 weeks is about the normal, but they can spot even after 4 weeks... nothing to be concerned about.

  • @jkent said in Reusable diapers for puppy in heat?:

    wish we didn't have white bed sheets though

    Hydrogen Peroxide might do the trick.

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