• Please..we our first time basenji owners and our poor girl has been sick since we got her in March. She is 6 mos old and has had a rough go fighting giardia, influenza, uti, and what was being treated as kennel cough from the day we got her. We now know it's not kennel cough. She has this awful awful cough that happens worse in the middle of the night after she has slept for a few hours. It starts around 2-3 hrs after we put her to bed. After she has been awake for a while it will stop but will happen once in a while throughout the day. We have had 3 rounds of antibiotics and done X-rays. They now say we have to do a tracheal flush that is about $1200. If anyone has any experience similar please let us know. We almost think it could be a nervous cough, but then think it would not get worse in middle of night. Thank you

  • If you don't trust the vets you are seeing, please get her to a university vet for a second opinion. Have you talked to any of the other owners of the litter, or is she a rescue?

    When kennel cough is really bad, it can take months to clear up and the cough go away. She could also have allergies affecting her at night.. where does she sleep? Can you change where she sleeps to see if it's better?

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