Puppy Dandruff

I have noticed a lot of dandruff on Kenji. Was wondering what you did to rid your Basenji of this?

@OmegaTandy - Age? What are you feeding? Food is the likely cause, however stress can produce dander.

12 weeks. Raw. FreshPet, Nutrish kibble.

Should I add salmon oil?!

Could be stress Dandruff or maybe your home is too dry. Try a good brush and then use some Moisturizing spray. If that does not work maybe it is an allergy.

@OmegaTandy - is this a change in food or the same as what the breeder was feeding?

I mixed it the first week! Now it's different. Our breeder suggested we try a new shampoo 🙂 I am going to try that today!

@OmegaTandy - Too much or sometime bathing at all can make more dandruff.... If you change foods, it can take up to 3 or 4 months for the body to adjust.... I would not be too concerned... and I can tell you that after bathing my Basenjis (only before shows) this totally brings out the dander... also at that age, they are starting teething.... and that in itself can be stressful......

I rarely bathe my dogs ... unless one was showing or had rolled in something horrible. I brush/comb/wipe down with baby wipes. If you add oil, do it very slowly with a puppy so you don't end up with diarrhea.

Oil can cause Pancreatitis so be VERY careful. I bathed my Basenjis maybe once a year.

Agree with the advice to bath basenjis just once in a while. We do it (have to do it!) when they have rolled themselves in some dead animal.

A little coconut oil (1tsp), added to meals, did wonders for improving coat color, shine, itching and dandruff for my dogs and friends' dogs. There is a very noticeable change in only 4 days.

Add a raw egg to the food about once a month and it makes the coat shine

Seeka is bathed regularly due her swimming and rolling in sand at the park daily, besides she sleeps in the bed with us. We put 1 tsp of Optima 365 in her dry food daily. Vet recommended. Takes care of her dandruff.

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