• My 14 year old female is developing kidney disease. She is very active and does well but is now drinking more and having accidents if I am gone too long. I'm thinking of trying diapers and am wondering if anyone has experience using these. If so what seem to be the best kind? Disposable or washable?


  • My previous Basenji had incontinance issues. I started with disposable doggie diapers where you put the tail thru the hole. They are expensive. She had such a tightly curled tail that I decided to give disposable baby diapers a try. Worked great & much cheaper. I just bought the size closest to her weight. A lot of times you can find them on sale.

  • I used "Tinkle Trousers" with disposable diapers on one of my senior basenjis who became incontinent - they worked great.

  • I am sorry. Is there a way to confine her where leaking won't be a problem> Or can you teach her to use an indoor potty pad?

    If she will keep them on, I'd go with cloth ones that velcro on.

    We got this one for emergencies:

  • One of my seniors,(16 +) has Cushings and with it the constant drinking,etc.
    I buy the #4 size baby diapers and then have cloth doggie diapers to but over
    them. She doesn't mind them and even lets me know when she needs to be
    When my Joshua was alive he also wore diapers and he was find with it.

  • Thanks all,

    I'm going to try potty pads first. Then I guess I'll try GinnyC's suggestion.


  • Take her to the vet! She could have diabetes or some other disease/syndrome. We had similar problems, and sometimes an estrogen pill was enough to keep herself to herself, and the drinking of water was an indication something was wrong. We now inject her with insulin 12 hours apart, and she has come on immensely. She also has a special diet, so I changed the others (3) over as well. We tried diapers here as well, get inventive yourself, a pair of scissors will do wonders with a pair of knickers and some kids stuff.

  • Falconi disease is the one that basenjis are prone to, so any renal problems are worth having a test done.

  • @buddysdad said in Doggie diapers:

    Falconi disease is the one that basenjis are prone to, so any renal problems are worth having a test done.

    Hi buddysdad, it is Fanconi and it is a genetic disorder that we have a Direct DNA test for... there is never a reason to have a Fanconi afflicted Basenji as long as you are getting your Basenji from a responsible breeder that tests before breeding. Test results for Fanconi are found at www.offa.org, all test results for Fanconi are public record. Seeing the age of this particular girl, kidney disease could be just part of her age and not Fanconi

  • @ginnyc Already been to vet. She has the beginnings of kidney disease, not Fanconi, she is 14 it is normal aging

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