• I started a thread many months ago but decided to start a new thread. I hope that's not a problem. I just saw an ad in a dog magazine for SPF spray for dogs. It's called Epi-Pet. Has anyone used this or any other sunscreen for their basenjis? Or, can I use a little of my SPF45 lotion on Kipawa's nose and/or ears? I have noticed a little bit of pink on Kipawa's nose after a long walk in the sun (we are finally getting some).

    Are there any ingredients in any dog or human SPF to avoid?

  • Fran, I have never had a problem with our b's and sunburn. Don't know if anyone else has.

  • I've never hasd a problem with sunbrn either. I'm very careful not to use any unnecessary products on my Basenjis particularly if they're not natural and would research Epi-pet carefully. Does their advert contain a list of ingredients? If you are worried about Kipawa in the sun why not use a natural product like Alo Vera?

    I can't find your previous thread.

  • I've looked after a couple of American Hairless Terri?rs for a couple of months, and I used sunscreen for baby's on them in summer.

  • I've used baby Johnson sunscreen SPF 45 on both my dog and my horse

  • Any product made for babies will work on your B's. Aloe gel is fine if they do get pinked up out there. We keep an aloe plant growing in our yard (of course that's probably not possible in Canada) and break a shoot off, slice it, and put the aloe directly on us when we get it. So far though, even at the Florida beaches, our girls have not shown any sign of sunburn. (Fingers crossed)

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