• Hi evryone 🙂 ,

    Me and my boyfriend are from Bulgaria. Two months ago, while travelling in the country a very little puppy jumped out in front of our car and we stopped all the traffic to save her life. She is a female and a very cute beige and white puppy. At that time she was about 30 days old. We checked out in internet all possible breeds and according to us she looks very much like a basenji, even her behaviour is like the one described for basenji. What do you think? 😕


  • She does look very much like a Basenji… she is so cute!!!.... Thank you for being the angels that saved her life!!!! Welcome to the list...

  • Hi Tanza, I'm so happy that someone is answering so quickly! The only difference that I find is that her ears are not totally erect, they are erect but only sometimes when she sleeps or when she attends to understand something. And something interesting is that when she yawns she gives out a sound like whistling

  • I would guess she is a mix, but certainly the "basenji" is there… I would think, but regardless she is really adorable.... how old is she now? Basenji ears do not come erect till sometimes 8 weeks old or more

  • On the pictures she is less than 8 weeks old, now she is abot 12 weeks old, but I haven't made new pictures. I'll show you some these days

  • Welcome Galia! Your puppy girl IS adorable! She looks like she's Basenji - mix maybe too. These are wonderful photos. I like the one of her tugging on your pant leg. There is so much information posted here on toys, training, behaviors and everything Basenji. I also have 2 Basenji mixes. Enjoy!

  • looks like a basenji/jack russell to me.

    cute dog.

  • I think she is basenji and she is mixed with some other dog, could be a jack russell, does she bark, that is a big clue. She sure is cute whatever she is, enjoy the forum, it is sooooooo helpful.

  • Well, barking is not always a clue…gggg.... mine bark..... sometimes...

  • Beautiful story, beautiful dog… I love her markings! Welcome to the forum, I know I have learned a lot here about Basenjis and made some great friends.

  • Yes, she barks sometimes, although not very often and she has that little dark spots on the paws and her forhead is wrinkled, too. Anyways it's not at all important to me if she is a pure breed or not, she is such a sweet and clever dog.

  • Yes, mine bark sometimes too-just one and it's not quite normal. She looks familiar-very much like a cocker or corgi coloring.

    But she definitely has the Basenji look in her eyes-whatever, she's very cute-enjoy her!

  • She is beautiful and what a wonderful story. Welcome to the forum, there is a lot of helpful information here for ALL…and plenty of fun too! Keep those adorable pictures coming!!

  • Welcome to the forum…bless you for saving her life...she looks like she has B in her to me...good luck with your new fur baby...

  • Hey, I'm very happy that you all liked her story. I'm sending you some new photos. Today was her first walk in the park, the doctor said that after the third vaccine we could take her out. She was very afraid of the other dogs, but she comunicated with a very cute 5 month old Golden Retriever and a very bautiful white street dog. This white dog was so polite and intelligent,she approached our Ruja very carefully and finally disposed her to play just like a human starting to play with a little child. I can't believe how many smart dogs are there on the streets.

  • Welcome & your fur baby is barooootiful 😃

  • Welcome & your fur baby is barooootiful 😃

  • Welcome and what a cutie you have there. Enjoy

  • She is beautiful!! She didn't look very comfortable in those pics though. I always wonder how it could be so comfortable to be all twisted like that.:)

  • Welcome to the forum. Your pup is quite the cutie. My b is mixed too. Enjoy her.

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