• Hi, so my little man Titan has white flakes on his black coat. It's like he's got dry skin/dandruff. I've been to local shop ( petsathome) who advised to get a teatree soap for him got it but didn't make any difference. So went and got an oat based shampoo which has made a slight difference but not stopped his dandruff as he seems to scratch all time. However, this Shampoo has made his coat really smooth...
    So questions is... am I barking up the wrong tree with thinking its Dandruff or does anybody know of a solution for this ie, some shampoo or lotion for him.

    Thanks any advise.

  • Use a hound glove and/or a warm moist paper towel. Get those natural oils flowing and picks up the dandruff.

  • @viknkrish - Basenjis shed and have dander...normal... too many baths will only make it worse.

  • Food for Thought: It "could" be something Titan is eating, like a mild allergic reaction, or something that he isn't getting enough of in his diet.

  • Mine get - and all of them always have had over the years - a small amount of lard (bacon dripping) each morning. Sunflower oil is useless, you need the animal protein. OK, you are in UK so you can get to any supermarket and buy lard ! Not too much, just a small amount, but regularly. Maybe half a small teaspoonful or even less. Never had the slightest problem with dry skin or dandruff.

    Yes, grooming with a hound glove too, but go to Boots The Chemist and buy a tube of Vitapoint. Male hair preparation. Squeeze about half an inch onto your hands and rub them lightly together. Then massage the Vitapoint well into the dog's coat. They LOVE this attention and you will hear him purring ! Leave for 20 minutes or so and then brush out lightly.

  • I would be careful with tea tree oil based shampoos, essential oils it can trigger seizures in dogs who have history of epilepsy. It happened to one of mine, when we put teatree oil on him as a flea preventitive.


  • My Valentino had terrible dandruff. His vet said it was due to dry skin. She had me add Goat's milk and coconut oil to his diet. His dandruff lessened dramatically after about a month. The amount of coconut oil (solid or liquid) per day should be no more than 1 teaspoon per 10lbs of body weight. Valentino is about 27 lbs. so I give him about 2.5-3 teaspoons a day. I divide the amount in half and add it too his meals. I feed goat milk rarely because it is so high in calories.

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