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I hike the belknaps/ossipees with my pup. Would never take him up a 4ker until like after 10 months. After all which are less than 5 miles?

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This made me feel a lot better.

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I’ve been keeping my 5 month old to hikes 3 miles and under (our every other day hike is a 2 mile out and back with 1000 feet of elevation behind my house) at a 2.0 mph pace and off granite when possible, and he blows me away for stamina. I try to stay on bouncy pine needles. I can’t imagine it’s more dangerous than 2 miles on sidewalks.

He seems to love it, doesn’t show exhaustion or laying down, takes numerous sniff breaks, doesn’t limp, and his foot pads are fine. I much prefer it to dog parks and neighborhood walks. Maybe I’m messing up but I don’t I’m pushing him at all.

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@mikesull hey did you get your dog from Boston Basenji?

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We went for a mile at noon in the woods and he was moving at a solid trot, and still seemed down to play (morkie slept through the afternoon). So I took him for a short walk in our cul de sac this evening and he is so exhausted he barely greeted my wife when she got home (and is currently in his clamshell). Still seems very variable, I just don’t want to get a mile in and have to carry him out (or injure him!)

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Hello. My family just adopted a new Basenji, and he really is a wonderful affectionate dog with an excellent sweet temperament. At about 5 months I am a little confused about how much I should be exercising him. Compared to his morkie brother (same age) he has seemingly endless stamina, and seems happy and content with exercise. I am an avid hiker, and I can give him about as much as he asks for. A mile in the woods seems to leave him wanting more, but an hour in our village with slight uphills obviously tires him out. I started bringing him up a local mountain and that slowed him down very quick. Was wondering if anyone had a rule of thumb, and an age where I can start trending towards 5-10 miles uphill. This forum has been invaluable, thanks for the help.

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