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    I have had too many have a reaction to Lepto

    I think you are wise. Someone I know had their dog develop hemolytic anemia after a Lepto shot. I would be wary, it has a reputation for causing reactions.

  • @tanza it was, and they said she only needed 5 in 1 twice, then rabies and follow up with the needed boosters. When I go to the vet I get crazy eyes and judged when I say that’s whT I was told. Just confused on what to do!

  • @basenjinyla - Did your breeder give you pup shot before you pick her up? Meaning, breeder gave one shot and then told you two more? And then rabies? If so that is correct. Seems these days that many Vets are saying they need 4, not 3. However if the pup didn't have any shots then 2 is not the normal schedule. You can check at the recommended schedule at Hemopet https://hemopet.org/?s=vaccine protocol. And don't let your Vet "bully" you if you have done your homework....

  • @tanza yes. She gave one 5in1, told me to schedule the next 2 3-4 weeks apart each then get rabies and call it a day until boosters were needed!

  • @basenjinyla - That is what I do and to clear up any questions the 5 in 1 is the same as the DHPP that I give to my pups. Booster for this on a puppy would be at one year (from the last shot). After that I do titers as I noted before. Like I said, my one girl has not needed a booster since her 1yr and she is 11 1/2 now. One of my other girls needed a booster at 9yrs as one of the (parvo) was below levels. Only think that I don't NOT do is rabies as it is required by law. I don't take that chance that there could be an accidental bite and trust me, animal control will be on you ASAP.....if you go to the Dr..... not worth the chance. Yes there are times when you would want to do titers for rabies and have your Vet sign that this dog should not be given a rabies shot for these reasons, but sometimes Animal Control will accept it, sometimes not. Again don't let your Vet bully you.... if you have done your research and following what your breeder says. One puppy that I place (and I give written instructions to all puppy buyers) and when she took her to the Vet for her 2nd shot they gave her Lepto anyway after clear instructions not too.... and told her she "has to have it".... she didn't get 1/2 way home (5 miles away) before the poor pup had a horrible reaction to it and had to go right back.... needless to say, she no longer used that Vet practice. Keep in mind also that Vet practices are not used to (unless a long time breeder) people doing research so they cover themselves by doing what is considered normal practice.

  • @tanza thank you for all the help. 🙏🏼

  • @basenjinyla - Your welcome, hope that helps

  • We've never given the lepto vaccine to our dogs but vets in our area are currently recommending it because of some recent outbreaks. We gave both our adult girls a shot recently -- never had them before -- and I think that our oldest did develop some black scale on her ears because of the shot. No way to know of course, just a coincidence and our vet couldn't find a cause.

    In any event you should check with your vet since the need for a lepto shot seems highly geographically variable.

  • So this is a bit of a hot topic and tough to navigate, for me. But, I'd like to "think" that I've learned a bit from the expert folks on the forum here. I mean that.

    I recently took my two pups to the vet. At two, instead of agreeing to the standard shots, I opted for Titer and blood tests. I can see why most pet owners just back down and take the booster shots and pills instead. The booster shot was way less expensive than the Titer test by a long shot.

    Bottom line... No Distemper or Parvo shots needed for another two more years, and no heart worms or intestinal worms at all whatsoever. I don't want to inject or pill my pups unless I need to.

  • @jengosmonkey brought up another good point about heart worm pills. Vet keeps trying to have Nyla take “trio” (? I think that’s the name)

  • @basenjinyla - I do give heart worm, but that all that I give. I use NuHeart which is only for heart worm period. None of these that in my opinion are just like giving a pup the "whooper shot"... not needed. Have a fecal done to check for worms if that is a concern.... instead of giving them something every month that they don't need.

  • We live in Ontario, Canada where in recent years deer ticks have also made their home. Miss Bliiss's breeder has advised me to vaccinate for lyme disease.
    I personally know of three dogs I the neighborhood that have been diagnosed with lyme. Apparently it is easier to treat dogs then humans.
    Is lyme disease an issue I the UK?

  • In regards to the multi-pills: I think your decision should be based on your location and human comfort. I live in a very humid area of NC (USA) with extremely mild (often 80s) winters. Each "Momma Tick" can lay 30,000 eggs, "Momma Flea" can lay several thousand over her lifetime. And "Momma Mosquito" only needs a Tablespoon of water to lay her eggs in. Huge families of them survive in my area year round. And I don't want them in my home. So, for (admittedly) completely selfish reasons, doodle gets 'Simparica Trio' every 6 weeks.

    If you live in an area with extremely cold winters, you may not have issues with fleas. Ticks can typically be found with a good inspection when the dogs come inside. Mosquito sightings may be few and far between. You might not need something that repels all three... but, someone else might live in an area where more protection is prudent.

  • @elbrant thanks! Currently in WV, which in my
    Opinion was a very cold winter lol. Going to do some research on the area

  • @basenjinyla - Typically in the winter with the first frost, heart worm is not needed till spring. I give heartworm only year round because in No. California we really don't always get a hard frost for winter and since we travel for shows, it is safer to give the heartworm then not... IMO. That depends on the area...

  • @eeeefarm
    That's why my dogs never got the Lepto shot

  • @rugosab - Agreed RugosaB.... I many years ago gave Lepto until the first time I had a horrible reaction... no longer after that.... but again it is anyone's decision, but they need to research and make their decision, not just take a Vet's word for it... again, there are many that do not research and Vet's do what is "normal"... because many do not research as they would with their children. One thing that is important is yearly check ups for your pup as it would be with your human children. It is not only the cost of the pup, but the care afterwards

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    @basenjinyla - Typically in the winter with the first frost, heart worm is not needed till spring. I give heartworm only year round because in No. California we really don't always get a hard frost for winter and since we travel for shows, it is safer to give the heartworm then not... IMO. That depends on the area...

    I'd heard that recently... that some people only give heartworm pills for 6 months. NuHeart looks to be the generic version of HeartGaurd Plus. Ingredients are exactly the same, yet NuHeart is half the cost. Thanks for the heads up!

    On the intestinal worms... the fecal analysis cost was about $45/pup. Not too bad. I don't think we've ever dewormed a dog that we've had. I've not researched it, but giving my dog a pill to make him poop excessively just seems wrong to me. I'm not saying I'm right. I just hate the idea of it.

  • @jengosmonkey - NuHeart only does Heartworm, Heartguard Plus has meds for roundworms & hookworm. And people that give heartworm for 6 months are typically people that live in climates that have a cold winter, ie: when the ground freezes. We do not have that in this part of No. California so I give it year round.

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