Help? I Think She Ate Too Much!

  • However if in the future you need to make them vomit… H. Proxide is the way.. but it needs to be given within the hour of them eating what they should not have... one to two tablespoons will do the trick.. and remember it needs to be a fresh bottle.. as it will lose its "fizz" if out of date or been opened too long

  • Oh - it is hydrogen peroxide that induces vomiting! Good info and thanks for your response. (I don't have any in the house, but I will get a fresh bottle for emergencies anyway.) Yes - it has been over 4 hours since she ate. And if a bm is possible with a blockage, I won't rest until her belly feels normal. I will take her to vet if she doesn't feel right tomorrow. I think she just over ate.

  • It's morning - and Daisy had a big bm that was real hard and compacted. She is playing and running around. I can feel that her belly has deflated - not has hard as last night. Daisy is on the softer side of pudge. She loves food and steals from Duke at every opportunity. I have to watch Duke finish his food so Daisy doesn't move in on it.

    OMG! I just caught Daisy chewing another pencil. The steel/aluminum crimped end that holds the eraser is no where to be found! She's chewed a few pencils before - now that I think about it, I've picked up the splintered wood and lead pieces. I wonder if she swollowed it, if it would pass thru? I wonder if I should get her to vet for an x-ray to check for other foreign objects? It is my time to worry - and say again to my family "PUT YOUR STUFF AWAY!!!" I swear I say that every day over and over and . . .

    We have a Puppy Class today at 10:30 - I will see how she does - She seems totally fine right now, chewing on a Merrick's twisted beef flavored rawhide.

  • Sounds like she is going to be fine…. ggg.... depending on what else she wants to eat!

  • Yes - I think she'll be fine . . . since my last post she has had three (3) more massive poops - 2 of which she chose my son's room as her toilet!! Wow! She "normally" has 1 poop in the morning - so her digestive system is working overtime since her big pig out yesterday. Last night I put my ear on her side while she was resting. I heard lots of churning noises in there.

    She responded well in Puppy Class this morning. We learned 4 tricks to work on this week: Sit Pretty - Shake - Crawl - Roll Over. She did all but Roll Over - maybe her tummy is still a little sore.

    I have learned another lesson and thank you all for your quick responses last night. I really appreciated that. This Forum is wonderful - a great resource and it can only be that way with contributing members. Thank you so much.

  • So glad to hear she's doing well and back to her ol' self again!! Great job at Puppy Class, Daisy (and Jill)!

  • I would go easy on her food the next couple of days, as it is very possible she might just get a case of the "screaming" squirts…. If she were mine I would give her small meals of boiled rice and boiled ground meat (turkey I think is best) The boiling in water to cook and then draining it take out all the fat which is what you want to get her system back on track... the add back kibble a little each day.

  • Oooh. .. that's something I didn't think of. Good idea to think ahead - I'll have to get some ground turkey. For the rice - does it matter if it's wild or brown? I don't have any white rice. The only thing she's eaten today was the training treats in class. I use a high value meat roll cut up in small pieces. Both my dogs will do anything for that treat. She is lazing around today - not as active as she was this morning, but that's probably normal like when we're at work during the day. Off to the store . . .

  • Brown rice is best, I think….

  • One night our new puppy got into the other dogs food. (we keep her in her crate so she eats only hers, and feed our 2 adults in their room, which is a room I built in the garage with dog doors so they can stay in there during the day.

    She was so little we did not think she could get in there, but we turned our backs for a minute and decided she wanted to know where her buddies were and ate a bunch of their food. Her little belly was blown up like a balloon and she wanted to drink lots of water, but once she had a chance to eliminate it all she was fine.

    Now we just keep her in the crate a littel longer to give everyone a chance to finish eating before we take it up. She has an unfair advantage since she has such a small amount to eat.

  • Nicky learned to open our refrigerator and before we bought a new one with a freezer drawer on the bottom so he can open it, he would open the fridge and help himself to roasts. On at least 3 occasions he helped himself to raw roasts, each one about 2 pounds. He would then spend the rest of the day laying on the bed with the occasional groan. He was usually back to his old self within about 24 hours. We would feed him less for a while after each incident.

  • LeeL - Daisy's belly was blown up too! She was also drinking a lot of water. (I took it away so she wouldn't explode!) It scared me for a while - but what a difference 24 hours makes.

    lvoss - How did Nicky know a roast was in there? LOL 🙂 Wow - 2 pounds is A LOT of meat! Guess it was worth all the pain to him. :rolleyes: 3X

  • I don't know how he knew what was in there but roasts are always what he went for.

  • Have you tried to get her to eat grass? It seems whenever our B has even the slightest upset stomach, he'll go outside, eat a couple blades of grass, and within 5 minutes, it's all coming up. (is this just something my boy does or do other dogs do this also? He taught our papillion how to do this too.)

  • Yes - Daisy eats grass and was eating grass that day, but nothing comes up. Matter of fact, she eats grass often, she chooses the longest blades - nothing . . . Good question: Why do dogs like to eat grass?

  • The time tested questions…. no one really knows.... there are many different ideas.....

  • I think they like greens sometimes. During different times of the year they seem interested in eating different parts of the plant. They only seem to throw up if they eat the type of grass that has that irritating scratchy feel when you rub it.

  • @Duke:

    Yes - Daisy eats grass and was eating grass that day, but nothing comes up. Matter of fact, she eats grass often, she chooses the longest blades - nothing . . . Good question: Why do dogs like to eat grass?

    my dogs eat grass daily, and they rarely throw up. They have a certain kind of grass that grows around our veggie garden. We have tasted it to see what the attraction is…it tastes a little lemony 🙂

  • Probably lemon grass Andrea-yes there is such a thing!

  • Andrea-Any other stuff you taste for them :eek: :eek:…:D 😃

    Mine eat grass too! Most of the time they'll throw up with yellow bile.

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