• Hello guys we have a 6 month old Basenji and shes not eating a lot we put out 2 cups a day and shes nibbling at it and not really eating it's the same food as the breeder(we've only had her home for 2 weeks). Any suggestions were trying to give her lots of positive feed back also regarding this. tried wetting the food putting other tuff on it but not a lot of luck. Her energy is still really good but she's clearly showing some weight lose int he ribs and haunch.

  • 2 cups is too much food per day. She won't starve. Are you feeding the same food the breeder was? What is it? Don't leave the food down too long. It's a big change as well arriving at a new home away from her litter mates.

  • Has she been checked by the vet? If she has been given a clean bill of health then stop putting out 2 cups of food. Start feeding her on schedule. I feed my dogs twice a day. My pup gets about 1/2 cup in the morning and around 1/2 cup in the evening with some snacks during the day. When he hits a growth spurt he sometimes needs an additional meal to help give a few more calories. If he doesn't eat when offered food then the food gets put up until the next meal time. A healthy dog will not starve itself.

  • Yep giving her oneji same as the breeder did only reason I'm alittle worried is shes thinned out thougth the body. All be it I think her activity levels have gone up as well since come home with us. Thanks guys. Have been doing scheduled feeding with her but am just nervous since I don't see her eating that much, and ses thinning. Vets have sai d it's most likely nerves to just seeing if theres good recommendations or if theres something more we could be doing.

  • Put the food down for 15 minutes then take it away. Do NOT leave it out for her to pick at until the next feeding. There are two reasons for this. The first is you want to know exactly how much she is really eating at each feeding. The second is by removing her access to food in between feedings you will teach her to eat when food is offered because food won't be available whenever she wants it.

    As for her thinnning out, my puppy boy is going to be 17 weeks old on Thursday and is a bit skinny this week since he had a growth spurt. Puppies tend to go through cycles of just a little pudgy, just right, a bit skinny and back again as they grow and their calorie demands flux depending on the amount of growth.

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