• I have actually matchstick'd them before… more as a test to see if it really worked than anything else.

    Ok, i'm home now. Lenny is about the same. I took them outside and he ate grass for about 10 minutes and now he's just sitting next to me. he's definitely not his usual mischevious self and still no interest in food/treats. hopefully the grass will help him get whatever it is out of his system.

    i called the vet and he suggested giving him half a tablet of pepsid AC w/ some boiled chicken and rice. not sure if he'll eat it but ill try later.

  • How about beef, chicken or turkey baby food as well?? Zip had an upset tummy a couple months ago so she wouldn't eat her regular food. She was straining to poo and I saw some blood drip out, which was scary. While at the vet they offered her baby food and she ate it. We fed her boiled chicken, rice, baby food and low fat cottage cheese for about 10 days. She bounced back just fine.

  • Yeah, I'll try that when i get home. i'll pick up some pepsid on the way back aslo. i didn't have time to take his temp, but his nose is still cold…

  • Could he have eaten anything that is blocking him? Blanket, toy, rawhide? That is my main concern when a dog stops eating, starts vomitting, etc.

  • hard to say. I do feed them raw… and i worry about that sometimes. but i think that tayda ate his food yesterday... I bought some baby food and am going to get some pepsid ac on the way home and see if i can get him to eat it.

    poor little guy...

  • When i was home for lunch, he did pee and poo and consistancy and color were normal for both….

  • well, here we go again. since last night, lenny has been puking up his food. he did puke up another small piece of the rubber thing that he puked up about a month ago. he's not interested in eating, is acting really lethargic again….

    i'm trying to keep him hydrated and feeding him baby food... if he's not showing signs of improvement tomorrow ill take him in, again.


  • Ohh - poor Lenny… Wonder what that stuff is in his system? Let us know what happens. Paws crossed he will come out of this much easier.

  • Poor boy. How is he now?

  • He seems to be getting a little better… I am trying to keep him hydrated and have been feeding him baby food, which he has, for the most part, kept down. He has been peeing multiple times a day and actually pooped this morning which was a breakthrough, but nothing came out that seemed problematic. He is not as active as he normally is, but he does still have a little pep. Hopefully when I get home he will excrete whatever is clogging up his system.

    The last time this happened, the doc took about 12 x-rays but could not really conclude anything from them. So I ended up paying about $1700 to just let him pass it on his own. They did give him an IV, which I think helped, but I didn't figure out what was going on until he was already dehydrated last time. I think since he is keeping down the water/food I give him and is consistantly peeing thats a good sign. If he starts to act more lethargic, or starts to vomit what i give him, I"ll take him in....

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