• We just weighed Zulu and he’s 19 pounds! He was born 12/19/20. Does that even sound right?

  • @chenke Wait for some of the more puppy knowledgeable members to show up for a better opinion than mine. That said, I found a Basenji Male Growth Chart at Bellpat.

    alt text

    If it's correct... 19 pounds converts to 8.61 kilograms. To my eyes he'd be at the upper limit (High average). I know a grown Basenji male should have a smaller waist compared to the chest. Puppies tend to a bit more barrel shaped from what I've seen. But, I don't know at what age that change occurs.

  • What does your eye tell you? Muscle weighs more than fat, and if he doesn't look pudgy he is likely fine for his age. He should have a discernible waist and his ribs should be lightly covered. If he looks good to you, I wouldn't worry.

  • @chenke - Some develop at different rates than others, so you really need to look at the pup... I know of some that were considered "huge" at 5 months height wise but stopped growing at that point. Again you need to look at their body, not just the weight.

  • Depends on the animal. You should be able to feel his pelt and figure there is space enough in there for another half Basenji. If not - yes, he is a tad overweight and so cut his rations.

    Fat puppies are ok, but by 6 months old you want to get them slimmed down and kept at a lythe, svelte, correct weight for life.

    Some pups mature size-wise very early and stop, other drag their heels and then put on a spurt. As other have suggested, what does your eye tell you ?

  • @tanza
    I hope that he’s just an early developer. He doesn’t look out of proportion at all and good weight for his body and bones.

  • @zande
    He looks well proportioned and not fat but sure likes to eat!

  • 0_1618351781007_F62DFE78-AA62-4940-A291-8CE345D96FDE.jpeg
    This is Zulu next to his 2.5 year old buddy who weighs 28

  • @chenke A side shot of him standing would be more telling.

  • @chenke - Zulu looks fine for a baby (I am assuming that this is the puppy, the Red&White?) he is only almost 4 months.... however the Tri looks to be over weight by this picture. You should on an adult be able to feel the ribs and when moving the outline of the ribs with a tuck up of the belly... as in the underline.

  • He's cute. And from the pic VERY used to convincing you he's starving! LOL

    Very hard to improve on the suggestion from @Zande and @tanza that the "eye test" is the best. That said, 19 pounds seems about right to me. I've seen the growth chart posted by @JENGOSMonkey but think it runs low.

    Also take to heart the suggestion that different dogs grow at different rates. If you had three dogs, one might be heavier at 3 months, one at 6 months, and one as an adult. As @tanza and @Zande say, they grow at different rates.

  • I have Zulu's brother, Sanji, who is 13.4 lbs. Indicates they grow at different rates for sure. However, the breeder we got them from recommended free and open feeding all day. We never intended and never have done that. Three times a day till full grown, then two. This might be a factor.

  • 28 pounds is a bit on the high side for an adult Basenji - but as with the puppy, a side-on shot while he is standing would make it easier to tell. But I do agree with @tanza. The tri looks too heavy.

    Feed three times a day until 16 weeks and then only a light snack in the middle of the day which you should work at eliminating. I can't understand any breeder telling you to free feed a puppy ! Kito would be the size of a house within a week - as it is it is hard enough to keep him away from Mku's bowl. He 'inhales' his own food and then looks over to the other boy.

  • @tanza
    Yes, Zulu’s a puppy and will be 4 months on the 19th (the R&W). Teki is overweight. I actually have an appointment next week for a full thyroid panel. She just keeps putting on more weight despite our cutting down her food the last few months and limiting treats. We thought with her being so crazy active with the new puppy would help but so far not

  • Hey guys, a have a similar question. My male puppy is 19 weeks old, 7.2 kg heavy and has 38 cm at the withers (if I got the right point). But since a few days he looks skinny. I'll try to upload a picture. Do I have to change anything or is the ratio okay for his age? I would love to get some answers, I'm totally new with basenjis!!

  • There he is! His rib bone suddenly came out a few days ago...


  • I have never seen a rib bone stick out like that. I think something is wrong and you should talk to your breeder or have a vet check it.

  • Looks abnormal to me as well. I would check with your vet.

  • I have seen this sort of thing very often when a puppy is in a certain stance - in this case bending to drink. I would not worry about it at all but if concerned, by all means consult a vet.

  • @zande - I agree zande, I too have seen this in pups.... but as noted if concerned, seek opinion from your vet.

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