Exercise Limits for Puppies

@sanjibasenji Our first Basenji was a sun worshiper. He'd lay out on the concrete patio a good part of the day and just soak up the heat. As he got older, and especially after his stroke, I had to watch him closely. He became much more heat sensitive, but seemed unaware of it. The two newbies... can't quite tell just yet. They do sun, but not quite as much as the first. Might change. Who knows.

One thing I have heard, but have never bothered to fact check it is this: A Basenji's internal temperature runs about 2 degrees higher than most all other breeds. This adaptation allows them to tolerate hotter ambient temperatures better than most all other breeds; however, it's also responsible for their lower tolerance to colder ambient temperatures.

No idea if it's true. Can't recall if I heard it or read it.

@eeeefarm said in Exercise Limits for Puppies:

But not tougher, trust me! My farm friend has had several Russells, they are tough as nails and punch way above their weight! Killing raccoons, for instance, and of course rats etc.

It's just size. We knew someone who almost lost their Jack Russel when a coyote grabbed him on the driveway (he got into the car, made chase, the dog fought, and the coyote dropped him). An adult Basenji, at maybe 10 more pounds, is too big for this.

Most of the coyotes where I am are around 30 pounds, too small to want to take on a medium dog directly, but they are pack animals and that's a different story. I've run into one or two greyhounds who had scars from when ambushed by coyotes while hunting them. (No comment on the judgement of their owners who thought hunting coyotes was a good idea).

@donc We definitely have coyotes where I am. We hear them at night and occasionally see one or two on the trails in the early mornings. I read an article last week that said several SF Bay Area trails had been closed to all dogs because it's coyote pupping season and they didn't want pets killing the coyote pups. First time I've heard than one.

@DonC, you may have noted that I wouldn't back either a JRT or a Basenji against a coyote. Apart from the likelihood of the coyote luring them into a pack ambush, even a solitary coyote can be a formidable opponent. I don't know where you live, but some of the ones I have seen are possible coyote/wolf or coyote/dog hybrids and go a bit heavier than what you indicated. Basenjis do best when they use their agility and speed but some are bloody minded and will take on an opponent in close combat before they realize their mistake. Our home grown Basenjis are a long way from the smarts of a village dog!

Interesting. I did notice that Sanji loves to hang out in the sun. Did not realize this was common to Basenji's.

@sanjibasenji - I have Tri Basenjis along with Red/White, my Tris love to lay in the sun on hot concrete all hours of the day even in the heat of the day (90+ degress air Temp and the concrete is must hotters, as I would not walk on it without shoes)... When we course in 90+ weather, only at the end of the course they might be panting but that only lasts for about 2 or 3 minutes... and then it is over...

That is sure evidence of their heat tolerance. My cockapoo would never have done that. Thank you for chiming in with this info.

@sanjibasenji It was not funny at the time - the bitches in that Class were all suffering.

@sanjibasenji said in Exercise Limits for Puppies:

That is sure evidence of their heat tolerance

Heat tolerance, perhaps. But be mindful that humidity will enter into the equation. Some of us live in rather arid conditions, and others in high humidity. And that will affect the dogs as well.

@elbrant Yes - over here, humidity is normally very high, so it is a prickly, not a dry heat.

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