• Hey y’all. Not sure if I’ve just got a dramatic puppy (14 weeks) or not but figured I’d get some opinions. There’s been three times now over the past month where our puppy will be playing and be doing little rolls on the ground but she will randomly come up screaming like her leg is caught in a bear trap and take off running while screaming. Then after about 10 seconds she stops. I hold her for a bit, put her down and she’s off like normal. Is this normal at all or do I need to get her to a vet for a checkup?

  • I have seen this before with all my dogs, both puppy and adult. My current B will occasionally jump down off the chair and Yelp for no apparent reason. Maybe a muscle pain or something but it's never caused any problems.

    Having said that, it doesn't happen that often and your pup is young so I would grab a vet check just in case.

  • Hello,

    I would get his spine and neck checked as something may be out of alignment or slipped. I once had a pup that experienced internal neck swelling post vaccination- not common. Not visible. It was something that would easily get exacerbated if he was bumped or fell. Eventually the swelling went down with anti inflammatories and later dog chiropractic. Hopefully it’s not this but it would be good to check out with X-ray. Good luck.


  • It's possible that she tweaks a muscle when she does the acrobatics. I wouldn't worry unless she starts favoring a leg or cries out every time she takes a step. If that happens -- go see a Vet!

  • Probably nothing to worry about - just over energetic - but do make sure. Anything out of the ordinary, especially with a puppy, go to the Vet.

  • @dedes9 - Sounds like it could be an issue with the patella. I would suggest a Vet visit to have them check that out. Here is a link you can read about it. While it is not a big issue with Basenjis it does show up... https://www.ofa.org/diseases/other-diseases/patellar-luxation

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