The Art of Basenjis in the Rain

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    I have the same Outward Hound life jacket too and I think I have a medium - which would fit an ADULT basenji. Use the size chart - most important measurement for the correct fit is the girth (widest part of the rib cage). 0_1618334648568_111b5d50-a5c3-45c5-a149-f1932bcb40c4-image.jpeg

  • @sanjibasenji & @Kembe Thanks you! I like that style. keeps the snout out of the water and has a hefty grab handle across the back. I will measure and order one. 👍

  • @kembe

    Definitely he will not fit the extra small for much longer. Thanks for the info.

  • Sanji's swim this week: when recall works 100% every time. Ha!

  • @sanjibasenji
    I LOVE watching Sanji swim! Go SANJI! ♥🐾🥰

  • I got my B a raincoat, cut the hood off and he's totally fine in the rain with it. It's funny though that he'll still avoid puddles even through he's standing on wet ground anyway!

  • So Logan and Sparkle can swim, but neither are particularly excited or fond about doing so so far... Sparkle doesn't really want much to do with it, but she tolerates it. Logan wants to be with us in the pool, but seemed stuck on "What is that stuff that I can't walk on and why does it suck me down?" We tried being gentle by pointing him towards the step and so on, but it's not his thing. BUT! I started thinking... food is. Dog is THE most food driven dog I've ever had.

    We led him to the step in the pool, backed away and showed him his favorite snack. He wanted it, so, this was good news! He'd lean as far as he could, but he wouldn't step in. Understandable... sort of... but why? I kept watching him. It seemed to me that he couldn't quite see the bottom clearly. I didn't think he could tell the difference in depth between the top of the first step and the bottom of the pool and it was freaking him out.

    I swam over and set my hand on the top of the first step, showed him his cookie, he leaned further and began to step in, so I backed off trading my hand for my foot. After much encouragement and praise he finally stepped off the pool deck and into the water onto the top of the first step. OMG! Then he did a hand stand, lifted up his aft end and gently lowered his rear feet into the pool. We were able to repeat this behavior time and time again with a yum num.

    So, then we're off to something else, but oh no. Logan is still fixated on yum nums. Dude keeps walking into the pool on his own without being prodded in order to get more snacks. Basenjis are a pain in ass, and a lot of work. This right here is why I love them. LOVE THEM! So much personality and entertainment.

  • Trying to reason with my two basenji to go outside does not work when it's raining outside. I just pick them up and take them outside and start walking really fast and even running. They eventually run to the grass or a pee spot and go. Then I just run back. Everyone gets wet, but at least no accidents in the house.

  • Rain at the moment is unrelenting. The boys sit on the doormat and refuse to go out if the pavement is remotely damp but if it starts when they are out in it, they don't seem to mind. They have no choice at the moment, if they want a walk. They can keep under the trees and bushes easier that I can and have no need to follow paths or trails.

    I would never encourage a Basenji to swim. I do hope you are doing something to replace the natural oils in their coats after these incursions into such a strange environment as water !

  • Interesting point, @Zande. What effect would chlorine and other pool chemicals have on the natural oils on their skin and in their coats? Anyone with any knowledge of this?

  • It rains a lot in Florida, I have the problem of trying to let my pup go potty in the rain. At first, it was an absolute fight to get her outside while raining and even walking in wet grass. I Was tired of her going to potty on a pee pad so one night I just got the leash and stood out in the rain with her for like 45 minutes. She had to GO! she was squirming and whining a bit but I was determined to stop her from going inside. Eventually, she couldn't hold it so she went, I gave her a treat and praised her, and went inside. Ever since then, though she is reluctant to go outside during the rain, she runs out to a nearby tree, takes care of her business, and then comes back inside.

  • @elbrant said in The Art of Basenjis in the Rain:

    Interesting point, @Zande. What effect would chlorine and other pool chemicals have on the natural oils on their skin and in their coats? Anyone with any knowledge of this?

    AKC doesn't necessarily recommend against it, but they do recommend precautions to avoid itchy dry skin and sunburn. In short... spray your dog with conditioner and or sunscreen, let the dog swim, rinse the dog thoroughly with fresh water, spray more conditioner and them comb the hair down to the skin. Apparently mating is a problem on dogs with long fur.

    Also, Logan's not going all the way in. He's standing on the top of the first step. The water reaches about 2/3s up his leg never hitting his belly. I also don't use any liquid or chlorine tablets. My pool has a chlorine generator. Got it cause I hate to itch myself. Spent 5 hours a day in a pool as a competitive swimmer during my youth. Green hair and all that...

  • After getting my basenji a raincoat and some booties she is much more willing to go out in the rain. I usually have to bring an umbrella and hold it over her (meaning I get soaked) in order for her to go poop however

  • @binkobongo said in The Art of Basenjis in the Rain:
    ….. I usually have to bring an umbrella and hold it over her (meaning I get soaked)

    What we do for our basenjis!😆🥰🐾❤

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