Koa , my best basenji

@morsesa I've always thought that Koa was such a great name for a Basenji living in Hawaii, one of my favorite places on the planet. And, I've been to a few. Thanks for sharing that memory. 👊 😍 👍


We lived in Hawaii and we bought him in NZ from a friend. Cost $2,000 for him and the air fare to Hawaii. When we got him, he was a pup and we sat him in a large Hawaiian koa bowl for his photo.

Best dog ever.

Stafford-Ames Morse


On TV one day there was the program called Good By My Lady. The dog in the show was a Basenji.

Would love to see the photo of him in the Koa bowl! Do you still have it?

You can purchase that movie on line

I have the movie , I saw it when I was 9 that's when I decided I needed to have a basenji some day. It was a bit of a tear jerker. When I told my girls about it they bought me the movie. Your basenji looks just like my Izzy. Sorry for your loss.

Looks just like my girl. My heart breaks for your loss.


somewhee in my file. Text me direct and will send you the copy.

private email

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@morsesa I had to blow up Koa's picture so that I could read it. You two look like you were busy! I guessing with the trainer and handlers listed that you showed Koa quite a bit? Was that done in Hawaii, or on the mainland? I'm curious if there are dog shows on the islands. They have a good size population, so why not? That would have been fun to see.

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