Basenji Genetic diseases: testing

  • I'm considering getting a Basenji from a breeder who has not had the dam nor sire tested for genetic diseases. I will do this and ask for a contract that states if any diseases are detected I will ??? I don't know what I would do, honestly. What I'd like to find out is what the cost is for the various tests: Eye diseases, Fanconi, PRA, Thyroid. Any help with this appreciated.

  • @beth314 - Who is the breeder? Who are the sire/dam (registered AKC name/number) and if they will not tell you that even more a fact that you are dealing with a poor breeder or a scam. You can send to me privately, my email can be found on my website link below. I would also suggest that you go to and read about health issues in the breed. Any breeder that does NOT test before breeding is NOT a responsible breeder and I would tell you to stay away. Fanconi and PRA are late onset over the age of 5 to 10+. And is you got a pup that test afflicted for either you are looking at years of Vet costs for tests and meds.. will NOT cure either... and for Fanconi, pills would be 10 to 20 pills a day... for PRA it causes blindness. Fanconi dogs are difficult to care for... you are letting yourself for years of heartbreak as in this day/age there is NEVER a reason for anyone to produce puppies with Fanconi and PRA as responsible breeders test before breeding. DNA tests for Fanconi and PRA are 65.00 each from this is a cheek swab that you order the test and do yourself. Eye exams need to be done by a board certified ophthalmologist that would find other issue and the cost could be up to 200.00 depending on where you live. Thyroid testing is a blood test that would need to be sent out to a lab for a full panel. And if the breeder you are considering to purchase a pup from know that there are a number of scams out there that just want your money and will never send you a puppy. In the end you do not want to go there... go to a responsible breeder period.

  • @tanza Thank you, Tanza. I will contact you privately. I would be driving to the breeder to pick up the pup; last of the litter.

  • I'm curious that if you know the AKC number (ID) of a dog if you can find out that details of that dog - age, owner etc. Is this possible?

  • @beth314 Please take @tanza's comments seriously. You and the pup will be bonded before you find out if the pup has any health issues. Then you will just end up broken hearted. Please find out about the pups health before you bring it home.

  • @elbrant yes, I agree. too many red flags with this. my last mixed breed went blind and it was a heartbreak. And she was 12. Can't imagine a young dog this way. I will ask in the breeder if the breeding pair was tested. I sort of doubt it.

    FWIW, the sire / dam AKC numbers are listed, I would be going to their home, but still ... plenty to be concerned about. Sad about the little guy left to be sold.

  • @beth314 If you have the registration number it is possible to obtain a few details from the AKC website. But these are limited to date of birth, sex, color, titles and possibly microchip. But nothing in the way of parents, breeder (although the Affix or kennel name will be a good indicator) or owner. If you are posting @tanza privately, give her the registration numbers - or email them to me. We can do some digging.

    You can get test results (if any) from OFA with the registration number bit this is also a bit iffy. So many people fail to give a registration number and there are always lots of 'Puppy #1' and 'yellow', 'green' etc named pups !

    As others have told you, if the breeder has not tested the parents, steer clear. This is not a reliable, responsible breeder and if it later transpires your puppy has a serious problem, you will get nowhere. The contract is not worth the paper it is written on.

  • @zande A local breeder helped me via email and determined the female was born in the Ukraine (I've been speaking with the breeder's son who speaks Russian). No record of the male. Neither of the pair has any record of having been tested for anything. It's done for me; I'm not taking the pup and I'd mentally already bonded - my husband rightly told me if I go to this breeder I won't walk away. I'm not going. Thanks for all your feedback. At least I have learned a lot.

  • @beth314 Because of the on-line Basenji pedigree database, I know breeders around the world, and that includes the Ukraine. On the registration, is there an RKF number ? If so, message me privately - better yet email me. I can probably trace the parents and certainly am very likely to know the breeder at least by reputation.

    The Ukraine mostly tests using Zoogen which is a laboratory in Russia.

    And / or - go to the pedigree website, and ask it for the dam, if you have a name for her. But I may well be able to help via the RKF number

    If the parents have been exported, they will have an RKF number.

    But re-reading your posts, it seems this puppy in in USA (or UK - it isn't clear where you are). Does this mean it was born in USA and that the dam was exported from Ukraine in whelp or ???? it would help to know before you kiss goodbye to your dreams.

  • @zande I will contact you now. I'm in Southern California as is the breeder.

    update: I think I found both using your search engine ... Ukraine/Russia?

  • I applaud your doing your research, and DEFINITELY your decision to NOT go knowing you would be even MORE tempted to bond beyond mentally! Patience and perseverance is TOTALLY in your best interest, even though it may seem like 4EVER and a lot of dead ends... it took me over 2 years to get "in line" with a breeder and ultimately get our little Willy, and I am a seasoned basenji owner. I often say when people ask about our process that "It's easier to be vetted by the FBI than it is to be vetted by the Basenji community to pass muster!" - And for good reason! It is also equally challenging to find a breeder who even has any puppies / dogs that are not already spoken for as in THIS community, they are well planned in advance, which protects both the breed and the potential owner.
    Hang in there! Continue your diligence, and ask LOTS of questions! - When you DO find yourself the proud owner of one of these Loveable Little Demons, you will embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

  • @hizbaby Thanks, hizbaby. No way I want to wait 2 years, though. Oh, my. I'm open to other breeds and will continue my search though I'm hoping for a miracle from @zande. I will also call the breeder this AM and ask what testing has been done, if any. FWIW, I love terriers too. 🙂

  • @beth314 I'm taking time over this - but I can assure you the sire of this puppy has a clear sire and he is therefore at worst, a carrier. But I think it probably his dam is OK. Her breeder is also well known to me and her sire is clear too. Being a carrier means the animal can't get the disease but could pass it on if the mate was a carrier too.

    This pup's dam is more of an unknown quantity - but her breeder also normally tests and the ones I have are all clear-normal although I have nothing on this particular bitch.

    I AM concerned about the breeder - in the 107,700+ dogs I have in the base, nary a one bred by her.

  • @zande Thank you for this information. I have no intention to breed this dog so I would not be passing on any diseases. I have little doubt this breeder is less than stellar.

  • @beth314 I just emailed you at some length. I'm not worried about the puppy - just about the breeder.

  • @beth314 said in Basenji Genetic diseases: testing:

    @Beth314 I'm in Southern California as is the breeder.

    I'd suggest you look into The South Coast Basenji Fanciers, if you haven't already. It's a group of us Basenji lovers in So. Cal. Also on FB.
    You will find 1st rate breeders listed and you can always contact them for questions and referrals.
    Good luck 🙂

    P.S.: Not unlike @hizbaby - It took us 3 years of research (incl. visits, shows, applications, etc.) and looking across the 50 states and Canada.

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