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Well, I got back with Wisdom with very pointed questions about our dog's test results, and was super impressed by the thoroughness of their answers. My hope was that given the fact Basenjis sprouted off the wolf tree so much earlier than other breeds, their DNA pattern would be distinct and hard to miss. I was right ... but regrettably they found no traces of Basenji in our Ella (aka H032342). The picture below shows the kind of data they can send you on request, and I hope that others who use this test for this purpose get in the green! Thanks for all the advice from the group ... but I guess I need to quit hanging out here and go loiter around one of the Mongrels-R-Us sites.

PS Don't worry about Ella. She's one of the family and we're all having a blast.

0_1578538088955_Ella's PCA.png

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Thanks, all. I guess I can always contact Wisdom directly in hopes they'll help with the interpretation. I'll post their response. Not sure how long they've been at it or how big their database is, but I'll see if they periodically re-run things to refine the results like AncestryDNA does for humans.
Happy Holidays!

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We've adopted a 1 year old-ish presumed Basenji mix from a local shelter. At 40 pounds, we knew there was something bigger in there somewhere, and when we got the results back found she was 25% German Shepherd, 25% ChowChow and .... the puzzler, 50% "Breed Groups", a not very helpful gemish that they went on to say maybe something from the Terrier, Sporting, Middle Eastern and African, or Guard groups. She's the most mischievous dog I've ever met, only a little aloof, baroos rarely, super soft, little dog smell, tail curls more when excited, races up trees, runs with leaps and bounds, white tipped paws and tail, with only half a wrap-around white collar, wrinkled brow. In short lots of Basenji characteristics. Can certainly see the Shepherd, and not the Chow, but wondering if the $150 DNA test to see how much Basenji she is was well spent.
So my question for the group is what kind of details have others gotten from Wisdom Health's DNA test? A real number like 100%, 50% or 25%? Or the vague info I got?

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