• OK all you Basenji people. Does anyone have any idea what you can put on a Basenji’s nose to prevent sunburn? My dogs love to be in the yard but they burn so easily on their muzzles that they actually got scabs. My vet is no help on this. I had heard there is something you can apply to prevent this.

  • There are dog specific sunscreens out there. Google it. But don't just use a human brand, some ingredients are toxic to dogs, and of course Basenjis bathe themselves, so would likely ingest it.

  • I googled it and here are some:

    One is a spray, but the others look like they'd be a cream. You might want to put a little on their ears too!

  • The sun my Basenjis lie in would never get that hot !

  • Thanks everyone... I did order one from Chewy.com... I went with the cream as my guy really hates anything sprayed on him. I live in Iowa and never had this issue with my other Basenjis in over 20 years except for a little sensitivity on the tips of their ears. This guys just burns so fast on his nose.
    Hope this works as he is obsessed with running through that trap door from the house every 20 minutes. I do keep him inside if the temp is too hot. They do not have the sense to come out of the heat by themselves.

  • @sherryk - My Basenjis especially my Tri (black/tan/white) will lay on the concrete patio for hours in the dead of the heat...and I don't even walk on it without shoes, she will come in and cool off and then go out again... never had issues with sunburn, that said while we don't have humidity, we have over 100 degrees in the afternoon with straight sun. When hot they come in to cool off, then back out to the sun... they love warm/hot sun. And the Tri's will heat up pretty fast. Concrete is about 20 degrees hotter. Does your Basenji have black nose? I have never had an issue with sunburn in all the years we have had/raised Basenjis.

  • No my Basenjis is a red/white. His muzzle is white. That's where he burns so easily. Yes they love the heat. He would lay outside all day on the grass if I let him in the dead of summer. Iowa has very hot humid summers. When it's that hot I restrict his outside time to early mornings and early evenings. He would stay out there 24 hours if he could. At least my females always had the sense to stay inside. LOL

  • Typically sunburn is a problem on a face with lots of white, because of underlying pink skin. Haven't had an issue with any of my dogs, but my half Arabian pinto mare would sunburn. OTOH, my grey Arabian gelding who had turned white with age had no issues, dark skin underneath the white.

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