Patiently (ish) waiting

@zande the breeder kindly forwarded the images of the fanconi results again and I have emailed them to you (with his knowledge).

@jkent Yes - The rest of Europe and all of USA uses OFA, the Russians use Zoogen and in Australia it is Orivet. This is a totally new testing agency I have never heard of.

However, your dog's parents are both clear by parents anyway so I have accepted these certificates.

Interesting that the UK might have its own OFA equivalent - But I am continuing to use OFA when I get Kito checked !

I am very happy with the breeder we have chosen she has been so helpful and I can see she is well thought of in the community.

We are now down to 2 names (we think, 6 year old changes her mind every 5 minutes lol). Gizmo (front runner) and Fox.

@enquiring_mind - Honestly? The pup you tell you what name is the best when you get the pup home....LOL

@tanza mine always tell me what they want to be called . Best not have any preconceived ideas

We have some new pictures of our boy Gizmo. Oh I am so excited to have him with our family soon.


Adorable impish little face! 🥰You’re in for a load a fun with Gizmo! Congratulations! 🐾

I love his face and expression. Jealous here! He's likely going to be trouble, but so much fun!

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