My dog snuck out the front door off leash tonight.

Hi, Yes, basenjis are fascinating, aren't they? And that's why we love them. I am writing to comment about basenjis and inclement weather/snow. We must never forget that on the whole they are very adaptable. We lived in Stockholm for 12 years. That is where I got my first two basenjis. In November and December and part of January, the sun rises at 9 AM and sets of 3 PM in Stockholm. Further north, the days are even shorter. Sweden is home to many basenjis. I can assure you that the dogs adapt to the dark AND the cold, with the appropriate outerwear, just as they adapt to hours and hours of sunshine in the summer. They may not look like a hearty breed, but they are. I have Swedish friends who take mile-long hikes in the hills and in the woods with their basenjis. these dogs are tireless if there enjoying what they're doing. I've never known a basenji that didn't enjoy snow. Rain is something else altogether. However there too, one cannot generalize. Two of my basenjis went out in the rain to do their business. The third one= no way!

I guess my point is that we can't generalize about all basenjis doing X and never doing Y. I also think that with a little bit of patience from their guardians ( I live in Boulder; that's what were supposed to call ourselves :-), they can be taught just about anything. Note that I said "just about". 🙂

Good luck, roguecoyote

Wow. Such a difficult place to be when you don't have full cooperation of others within the house hold. So sorry...

You know how when you get so upset you can't think straight? Yeah. We started locking the door. I talked to the breeder who said I need to keep her off leash in the house. Honestly not what I was expecting to hear. So, mom is still adamant about not having a gate on the front door, but I'm just going to hold on to her when company is leaving, and rogue can just say goodbye from the couch. I started working sit-stays with her almost exclusively now, so hopefully that will translate into a threshold sit-stay over the next few weeks. The breeder's going to give me some tips on doing sit-stays, but i've seen a million videos, so we should be ok.

I take rogue out when ever the weather gets over 31 degrees. Even then, she starts shivering after a few minutes outside. We made her a coat out of an old flese jacket, and we're using Pawz dog shoes, but I I've been told that its harder for a pup to regulate their temperature. I'm sure by next year we'll be a lot more active, and things are supposed to start warming up by next week. By next month, we'll have some really good weather so she'll be able to spend more time out doors.

I'm also thinking that I need to take her out and just carry her around outside so she can get at least some of the benefits of being out without having to run around in a field of what is in elbow deep snow for her.

@roguecoyote I am so pleased you are in contact with Debbie - no better person than Rogue's breeder to help you through the initial hard spots. And don't worry, I'm sure you won't lose the Forum as a resource when you need advice.

I pick up Kito when anyone leaves the garden - because of Lockdown they can't come into the house but he has a tendency to follow them to the gate and would love to slip out between their legs. Just pick Rogue up and give her as extra cuddle.

Sit-stays are very useful and so is re-call. Just make all the training FUN for Rogue and she will pick things up in no time.

Putting a jacket or a sweater on her is good too. My adults all had Barbour Jackets made for them from off-cuts of a jacket a friend made for her husband. She will feel the cold badly, but as you so wisely say - warm weather is on its way. Just remember she is a baby yet and don't overdo the outdoors bit until she is bigger.

I have a sling for Kito. Mku used it too. It goes over my shoulders and the puppy is attached to the inside of it by the collar so it can't fall (or clamber !) out. The pouch the pup rides in has a drawstring so you can close it for extra security. The puppy rides in that on our walks in the woods. I can't deprive Mku of his daily squirrel hunt and all sort of people stop and admire Kito, riding in his sling. It all helps to socialise him and he sees lots of other strange shaped critters - dogs AND horses along with squirrels.

Good luck !

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@roguecoyote - That is great that you are working with Rogue for sit/stay! That is perfect. Include your Mom in your training so that she is part of working with Rogue. It would be great for all 3 of you and fun! You will be fine, especially that you have a great breeder that will help you too! Take care and enjoy your wonderful bundle of joy!

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Is Rogue chipped yet? She should be when she is old enough for all the above reasons! Also, do you keep a collar on her in the house? If so, you might want to consider one with reflective strips for twilight and evening walks and possible "escapes". Also make sure she gets lots of sniffing time on her walks so she can learn the familiar sniffs of her neighborhood so she can find her way home. Basenjis are SO stinkin' smart....Binti learned to open the lever handle on the front door, so I have to keep the dead bolt on all the time!!!! (She hasn't worked THAT out yet!) Maybe your Mom would consider a dead bolt added to the door so that the act of opening that reminds everyone to look out for the potential escapee.

We have a deadbolt. We just aren't big on locking the door most of the time, but that's recently changed. 🙂

I have a baby collar on her right now, but we have a thick military style collar coming in the mail. When we get it (and when it fits her) we'll be putting a military style identification patch on it. That will come off indoors though, so I could certainly put an auxiliary reflective collar on her as well. I could put velcro reflective strips on her harness as well.

She's not quite big enough to wear the harness yet.


@roguecoyote Don't burden the poor wee thing with too heavy a collar - I used a simple light weight 'grab' collar on the boys when the girls started to come into season. As the season progressed, of course, they were segregated to a kennel in the orchard, far from the girls in the house !!

All I needed to do was grab hold of whoever, at need. Try just a lightweight in the house - and @tanza has the right of it - involve your mother in the training and make it fun for all three of you.

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@zande Oh yeah, That heavy stuff is only going to be for structured walks and some training sessions. I want to get her in the habit of being extra focused when wearing it. Also, the harness looks heavy, but its actually made of very light material. A lot of people attach canteens or supply packs to their dogs but I'm aware that extra weight isn't good for the breed, so I'll be keeping it very light.

@roguecoyote Her 'working clothes', in effect ! Exactly what I do - only I insisted on obedience when they are wearing a light weight show-lead and collar !

I have been horrified by heavy weight pulling competitions is some countries !

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First, the pic of her in the too big (for now) vest is adorable!!

@roguecoyote said in My dog snuck out the front door off leash tonight.:

but I'm aware that extra weight isn't good for the breed,

I think that the issue with the added weight is related to her age. Once she is fully grown (12-18 months?) she should be able to carry some supplies: a baggy of kibble, a typical water bottle.... Things you might want on hand if you were going to go for a hike in the woods. Just let her grow up a bit first so that her muscles and bones are strong enough.

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