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    Planning on bringing home my first basenji later this month (!) and have started to prepare. I asked the breeder if she knew of any great vets, as I hear not every veterinarian understands how unique basenjis can be. That said, I was wondering if anyone knew of any veterinarians in the LA area that work well with basenjis? The recommendation she gave me is unfortunately not accepting new patients but if anyone has suggestions, that’s would be great!

  • You might want to join FB groups and ask Vets in the LA area to assist. Did the breeder not give you any other Vets? And did the Vets you contacted were not able to give you referrals? If not also you might start calling Vets in your area and asking questions.... vets should be interviewed as so should breeders.

  • @aalas89
    Congrats on your new basenji!
    A vet that has basenji experience is not as important as a vet that you can communicate well with, is willing to work with you and learn about basenjis.
    You can get specific basenji advice from the breeder.
    Share photos!

  • @aalas89
    Sending you a PM as I have a couple options for you in greater L. A. area.
    And yes.... pictures please when you have'm! 🤗

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