To Clear Vision and Fast Healing...

  • A shout out to Sally! @Zande Thinking good thoughts about you today hoping your eye surgery goes smoothly, and that you heal quickly. Love being able to experience you and your experience here. Look forward to seeing you back soon. 😵 😲 :smiling_face_with_open_mouth: 😊

  • Thank you @JENGOSMonkey ! It went ok and Mku and I are back in bed. I am more tired than I expected. Tomorrow will be a day of rest and then I will be able to take the patch off and my now one lensed specs will sit better on my nose.

    They don't knock you out here and the sight of a needle coming right at your eye is terrifying ! I was able to hear what was going on around me and some of the time could see from the other eye until they covered it up. The surgeon gave me a running commentary.

    At least I will know what to expect in 2 weeks time when, fingers tightly crossed, he does the second eye

  • Sally - Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  • @zande
    Sally - glad to hear your procedure went well! 🙏

  • @zande Glad to hear it went well! I had LASIK so I can relate to being awake for eye surgery.

  • Great news that it went well. Once you get the other eye done you'll be able to see all the things that need to be done around the house! (That was my father's complaint BTW).

    Seriously, glad you are doing well. I can imagine how frightening the needle would be. Rationally you know that it's OK but ... it's a needle coming for you eye!

  • @donc said in To Clear Vision and Fast Healing...:

    ... Rationally you know that it's OK but ... it's a needle coming for you eye!

    alt text

  • Thank you all for your good wishes. I can see but it is all very blurry yet and there is double vision to an extent, especially looking at the computer screen so although I am a very fast touch typist I won't be working on the database for a couple of days until it clears. For fear of errors.

    Sue will walk Mku around the fields - well she will walk, he and Maisie the Border Terrier will race and tear and get very muddy. She lives in the village and lost both her old rescue dogs just before Christmas so enjoys canine company and walks them Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • I wish you well. Eyesight is very precious and so glad yours is coming along.

  • I am in despair. Until the second eye is done my eyes are out of balance and I can't see anything really properly. With the corrective lens in the specs for the non-operated eye, I get double vision and with no glasses on at all I can't see to cook, read or do anything much. Close-up work is off.

    The hospital just phoned. The National Health Service has, as of last night, taken over all private hospitals where insurance work is done and nothing can happen. All private and insurance procedures cancelled. It could be months before they allow them again and then there will be a back-log.

    OK, I am probably being selfish, but I need to be able to SEE. I am so worried.

  • Hang in there, Sally. It will get better as your brain adjusts to the change. Would it help to wear a patch over one eye or the other when you need a break from being "unbalanced"? Sure, that will mess with your binocular vision, but it sounds like that is off kilter anyhow....

  • @zande Oh Sally, so sorry. I can feel your frustration. I think we're all just about fed up with COVID and all that it's affected. I'm not a doctor, so you should check with yours. Maybe something can be done.

    That said, having had cataracts removed myself, I'd be tempted to self adjust in the short term. My IOLs (Inter Ocular Lenses) gave me farsighted vision meaning I'm unable to focus my eyes on near objects. This requires me to wear readers, or cheaters as some of us call them, also known as magnifiers. So, for instance I wear X150 readers. I'd get a pair of readers and tape over the lens in front of the eye that hasn't been corrected yet, or wear a patch over that eye. I'd use only the the good corrected eye if doing things that required better vision. This might eliminate the double vision you are experiencing. Just a thought...

  • Sorry to hear this Sally, what a "pain in the butt"... for you. Hope things improve and you can get your other eye done quickly! Take care

  • @eeeefarm Binocular vision, if you mean being able to focus on any given object and touch it accurately, has gone anyway, I have been trying patches but whichever eye is blacked out takes ages to recover once it gets the light again.

    Paul has banned me from driving until the second eye is fixed and I can balance them again. It would be nice to think I will be able to mentally adjust myself. Cos Mku needs to go to the woods, and so do I. I need exercise cos I keep (almost) falling as things are never quite where I think they are. That includes my feet !!!

  • @jengosmonkey The standard lens (and you don't get to choose in this country unless you are paying megabucks for the whole procedure) is distance. So working at the computer is difficult. I did email my optician asking him to stick a pair of cheaters in the post and I would phone him my credit card details but nary a response.

    If I can't drive, I can't get to a pharmacy or place that sells them. Could I get some one line - do they just magnify ? cos I can try that tomorrow. Paul works from 7.30 in the morning so I can't impose on him to drive me and we are forbidden, covid laws, from riding with a neighbour.

    I must get a pair, or several if they are different. On line. Good thinking.

  • Sally, did you take the lens out of your glasses on the side that has had the operation? Then wear them and be looking through your prescription only on the unoperated side. My sister, who has had her cataracts done, recommended that, and also said your brain will start sorting things out.

  • @eeeefarm Yes, I did that very first thing, having learned from Marvin that that was the thing to do. But that is when the double vision starts. The surgeon warned me it would happen but also said to remove one lens immediately.

  • @zande Yes, you are farsighted like just like me, so readers are what you're after. You might consider Amazon and have them delivered? I punched in Amazon UK and went there. Then searched 1.50 readers and this pops up...

    I use 1.50, but you may need less or more magnification. You probably won't know till you try one. I'd send you a pair but they won't get there till late the first week of February from what I could learn. There are some sites that recommend getting more magnification than you need at first. That said my wife uses 2.25. That much gives me a splitting head ache. 1.75 is about as much magnification as I can stand. If you order them online, I'd consider starting with both 1.5 and 1.75.

  • @jengosmonkey tomorrow morning first thing ! That is very helpful. It won't get me driving but I will work on getting what little brain I have left to adjust and adapt.

    The surgeon phoned me. He is not best pleased. He would not have done the first eye if he had known he would be unable to do the second.

    He will try to fit me in as a private patient at an NHS eye hospital before the end of the month. Insurance won't pay unless it is done at the Spire which is one of their hospitals even if the same surgeon does it. But I have to find the money somehow. He will waive part of his fee which will bring the total cost down a bit.

    I am not young enough to have time to be patient and eyes are so precious.

  • @zande said in To Clear Vision and Fast Healing...:

    OK, I am probably being selfish,

    Not at all! Vision is priceless! Is there no appeal process that would allow you to get permission for the second surgery in a timely manner?

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