Diggs Crate?

@jengosmonkey Do you know what size (of this collapsable wire crate) would be most appropriate for a puppy/early training days? I am also bringing home my (first!) basenji in two weeks and am considering buying one puppy crate and then getting the medium size later on. Thanks!

@suzanne There's better people to ask. @tanza, @Zande, @DonC, @Pawla, @eeeefarm come to mind. I'd just go with the Medium if it were me. It comes with a removeable barrier that allows you to decrease the depth, so you don't have to get inside it if your little one hides all the way in the back. It'll last your dog's whole life too. I suppose you could get a Small. The X-Small looks like it'll work for a couple months. Not much longer though. I think I recall one member here saying that they wrap their crates in blanket during winter to make it warm and more den like.

In any case, a wire crate with all round visibility is infinitely preferable to one with solid sides.

Frankly, my crates are all on the large side with 2 doors. I want the dog to be able to stand, sit up and stretch, and lie fully stretched out in total comfort.

One is permanently in the car. My dogs have to ride in a crate. The idea of a Basenji running loose in the event of an accident is not one to contemplate.

If you are using it indoors or if the pup is to sleep in it next to your bed at night, you can always chuck a blanket over a wire crate.

I don't have the measurements of mine in my head but can check them later if anyone needs to know.

It is important to crate train puppies. I took a smaller one to Mku's breeder who left it up and open in the play area so the whole litter could play, sleep, chew things and even be fed in it by turns. Anything to help the transition from puppy to permanent home. It goes along with putting collars on the babes, late at night when they are about 3 weeks old. They wake in the morning and it feels completely normal. They have forgotten life without a collar!!

Just one more thing to help the new owner and the puppy.

I use the wire crates like pictured, but drape a towel over them to promote heat retention (basenjis are cold a lot) and quiet time.

Thank you all!! I am so excited to introduce you to my first Basenji in just two short weeks!!

@suzanne Make sure you tell us his registered name and that of his parents etc, so I can ensure he is in the on-line pedigree database !

Actually, you probably know that already so we can add him and he will be there already when he arrives with you !

@zande - And many of us are related by our Basenjis.... if you supply sire/dam's registered names we can all check

@tanza AND perhaps we can add photos to the pedigrees - such a shame so few Forum Basenjis are even listed.

@aalas89 and @suzanne One thing you might really consider doing is keeping a crate in your bedroom for your pup to sleep in if you're not going to allow the pup to sleep in/on the bed with you. If you try to keep your pup in a crate in another room you'll discover that Basenjis are not silent. In fact they can be quite vocal. And loud. And persistent. If you chose not to let them sleep in the room with you it's ok. It might take some time, but they'll eventually train you that being with you is really the only solution.

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Hey. I have my first Basenji and the diggs crate is great but I must admit it is heavy and bulky to take up and down the stairs. I had to buy an additional crate for travel because it was becoming too much. If you were looking for something to travel with I definitely wouldn’t recommend it especially because it is expensive. My puppy loves it though since he can see everything from it but you could get that from another crate.

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