• @ttobler - Not true, Fanconi is late onset, from age 5 to 10 typically or older, always good to rule out anything, but I know of Basenjis with Fanconi at your Basenjis age. Please have urine checked for sugar if has not been DNA for Fanconi.... or the sire/dam or sugar in the blood which would mean Diabetes. You can check out those results at www.ofa.org and you would need the registered name of the sire/dam or registration number for Fanconi testing and results, if from the sire/dam, either would need to be clear, clear or clear, carrier, could be carrier, affected and still be just a carrier, worth checking out. And seems to me like you might need a specialist. Have you talked to the breeder?

  • @tanza - Thank you for the correction, I was not aware it could impact them at a later age. That said, we were able to collect some urine and have it sent out for testing, the results came back clean. He is a rescue, we got him from the Austin Basenji rescue "BRAT".. and I also reached out to them. Lastly, I will likely schedule some time with an internal medicine specialist nothing seems to work. He will only eat a very tiny amount and then turn his nose.

  • @sakuhn62 I am real sorry to hear that, hard to lose a family member.

  • @ttobler - your Vet is able to test urine on the spot for Fanconi. Just need to use test strips used to detect sugar in the urine? Of course doing the DNA test is the best. You order the cheek swabs at www.ofa.org. You do the cheek swab and send it back to OFA. They report the results. Here is a link about Fanconi and testing at BCOA. https://basenji.org/index.php/about-basenjis/basenji-health

  • @tanza said in No longer eating:

    DNA test is the best. You order the cheek swabs at www.ofa.org. You do the cheek swab and send it back to OFA. They report the results. Here is a link about Fanconi and testing at BCOA. https://basenji.org/index.php/about-basenjis/basenji-health

    Come to think of it - its Christmas time - and what better present to give your Basenji - ALL of you on this forum with untested dogs - a Fanconi test ?

    The peace of mind which comes from testing is well worth the price of $65.

    Pat has given you the link - use it and get those pets tested !

  • What antibiotics is he on or was he given when his teeth were removed? I've had some stop eating when given certain antibiotics. Did they take dental x-rays? One of our fosters had an abscess show up on x-ray that was not visible even when the b was anesthetized for a dental. Has bloodwork been repeated after surgery?

  • @flbasenji hue was given an injection of Cefovecin since we are not able to give him anything oral. They did take x-rays and unfortunately he was not eating before getting the teeth removed. We thought that could be part of the problem. Blood work has not been repeated yet, but may come back into play. Dropped him off at an internal medicine specialist this morning.

  • @ttobler
    Hope everything turns out well. Keep us posted.🙏

  • @ttobler Hoping for the best today. Good thoughts coming your way. 🤞

  • Thanks all, unfortunately nothing solid to share. Ultrasound showed thickening on the first part of the small intestine. Will have endoscopy tomorrow endoscopy tomorrow wit hopes of understanding where/what the issue is and best path forward.

  • Fingers tightly crossed that they find something and can help him.

  • Thank you all for the well wishes. Good news he is recovering after the endoscopy and has woken up, though a little on the cold side so will need to wait a few hours to see if he can come home. Small intestine is inflamed and biopsy's were taken. Unfortunately results for biopsy will not be in until week after next, but he should be coming home tonight. Dr believed it is IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease) and putting him on steroids, prednisone, anti nausea and anti diarrhea...lord help me with the meds, hope this "pill gun" she offered works. Has anyone had to use one with their Basenji?

  • @ttobler The one and only time doodle needed regular meds: I put the pill inside a fingertip full of peanut butter. Of course, now doodle thinks peanut butter is nirvana, but she took all of her pills!

  • @ttobler Yes. I had a bitch who didn't need a vet at all until she was almost 6 years old. Then the kibble we used was discontinued. We found what we thought was similar but one girl started being very sick, not eating, but chewing grass and throwing up etc. We jumped through all the hoops until finally an endoscopy revealed Irritable Bowel Syndrone. The lining of her stomach was red, raw and bleeding. No wonder she ate so much grass to try to get rid of the pain and irritation in her tum !

    She was put on Budesonide. One a day. And given a grain-free diet. I tried feeding her that and leaving the others on their normal kibble but it was chaos. We had 5 Basenjis at the time. So all the pack went on to the grain-free and I have stuck with it ever since !

    After a while she seemed to be really on the road to recovery and the vets left it to me to control the dosage of Budesonide. I cut her to every other day and then to three times a week. If I caught her eating grass, she went back on one a day for a week or so.

    This way we kept her going, and enjoying life, for another 7 years.

    I am sure you can find the USA equivalent of Budesonide. Good luck !

  • @ttobler But I see your query was not about IBS but shooting pills down - - -

    Cottage cheese, yoghurt (which helps the stomach anyway). They get too canny if you bury it in their food and you find an empty pan with pills licked clean and sticking to the bottom.

    Basically anything they can't resist helps the medicine go down.

  • @zande Thanks for the tip on IBS, will ask the Dr their thoughts on the meds after I do some research myself. I gave up on the pills, tried for 20-25 min this morning and the little bugger just pockets them in his mouth and eventually spits them back out. The antibiotics are in liquid form, so a non issues. I am having the pharmacy compound the steroids into a liquid form today. When he came back last night from the procedure, he was vey hungry and eating. We limited the amount as he has not had full meal in several weeks, but this morning he was no longer hungry. They gave him a steroid shot yesterday before I brought him hope so have high hopes that once we get him on some again he will at least eat.

  • @ttobler If it is IBS, the reason he is not eating despite his hunger is the irritation in the stomach. Basenjis eat grass and throw it up, usually with just a bit of bile, in an attempt to relieve discomfort.

    Try him on a very bland diet of boiled rice and fish as I have suggested elsewhere recently. A coddled egg on a little bit of rice usually goes down well -

    and I would get some form of electrolytes to prevent dehydration. If necessary, a little honey melted in warm water for him to drink as an addition to the normal cold water bowl always available (I hope !)

    I have a bottle of concentrate electrolytes always on hand so I can offer it at need. Dogs love it !

    If he eats when he is REALLY hungry, like after his enforced fast, then it has to be something which is making food either taste nasty or cause discomfort.

    Try not to keep him on steroids for very long but obviously, be guided by your vet.

  • @ttobler - Glad to hear that your Pharmacy can compound into liquid, hope that works. When I need to give pills and can't get them to take them in things like yogurt (which they grow up on eating off a spoon, so not usually an issue) but with elders will be if they don't want to eat and they know that you are hiding pills in the treats, I make a pack with them.... I put them between my legs, facing forward, tilt the head back and shove the pill down them... I promise them I will not hide pills in their food... learned this from a very good long time Basenji owner with a dog that had Fanconi. Had to take 14+ pills twice a day (thankfully with DNA testing for Fanconi and as long as Basenjis are tested there is never, ever a reason for a Basenji to be afflicted with Fanconi). This works 90% of the time... be prepared however that at times you might get "chomped" on.... trying to push the pill down...

  • @ttobler
    As Zande said *“ They get too canny if you bury it in their food and you find an empty pan with pills licked clean and sticking to the bottom.”*This is exactly what happened to me when I tried hiding medication in my B’s food. They’re just too smart for their own good! Try this method- it worked for me : https://youtu.be/ZN5Iil1hCAg

  • If you have ever encountered a dog that is difficult to pill, you know there is no sure fire method. Many will notice it in food, however yummy it is, and spit the pill while swallowing the good stuff. Using the method in the video, which I have done many times, sometimes they swallow and then, just when you think you have achieved victory, they spit the pill that they have managed to retain.

    OTOH, if you have a super cooperative dog, like my Border Collie.....he spit out the pill, I said "Blackie" and gave him an annoyed look, he looked at me and licked up the pill and swallowed it. "Sorry Boss". But Basenjis are not Border Collies, so don't expect that level of cooperation!

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