Coursing Trials

Well, I uploaded this MP4 to Google drive let me know what you think, is he ready?

Video Link

Any hound is ready to practice from very early ages.... young dogs will run a small part of the course and that will extend as they get older. Hounds can't compete until they are certified to run and they are 1yr or older. Here in California, we have no coursing at the present time with the pandemic. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me directly, you can find my email on my website

That was a GREAT VIDEO! Thanks for sharing!👍😂🐾

@slents - If you have not you should contact (in Or) and (in Wa) about coursing

Also, have you talked to your Basenjis Breeder about coursing/racing?

i dunno.... the speed, the twists, the turns. What about agility? ❤ the video!

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Don't make the mistake of coursing a Basenji too young - before all the joints and bones, sinews and muscles are fully mature.

@zande - That is why we start them early with quick up and backs in a straight line..... and they always run alone

Can’t wait till Covid’s over. Really wanna try lure coursing.

@jengosmonkey - Me too! Difficult in California as there are clubs that would do coursing, but there are no fields available to rent.

I used to have a basenji who would chase a plastic bag I tied to a "wand" around the yard. He seemed really in to the "bunny" so I took him to a couple of lure coursing events in central FL. It was wonderful to see the dogs running and so hard to hold my boy back from joining them. At the end of the day, we were able to do a straight out and back run to see how he would do, and he was great. Not long after, 2 guys that I placed a basenji with rigged up a reversing motor and set up a very small "lure course" in their back yard! There were about 12 of us there with basenjis and we let them chase the bunny one or two at a time. It was great fun. You do have to be careful not to run them too young, or too hard without conditioning.

My current basenji gets to run like crazy at the dog park (it's huge and everyone is very impressed at his speed and agility) and at the baseball field (when it's not locked up).

Slents: I loved your video! Thanks for posting it. I hope you eventually get to attend a lure coursing event in person - it really is something to see!

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