Sheltie Coursing.. in.. The Sheltie was the Lure..:eek: 😉 😃

Got'm! (too bad the pic isn't sharp…)

Poor shelty, did they pluck its fur?


Poor shelty, did they pluck its fur?

Don't think they did.. He still looked ok afterwards 😉

Love the pictures great if nothing else hang on to the end. Looks like they were having so much fun.

Rita Jean

Dude would have had a heyday with all that fur, he is a total plucker 🙂
My mom has a golden retriever and he just can't resist her 'feathers'

Mine use the same tail-grab technique, but usually come away spitting fur out of their mouths. Great photos.

LMAO great pics, my father has a collie and my oldest basenji does that to his LOL

Great pics!!

Same reason I always get nervous if Shera wants to play with fluffy dogs - she chases the tail and the fur always ends up in her mouth!

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