Mirtillo coursing

The Basenji Club organized a coursing today. Here some pics of Tillo. The pics of Bu, Chaffie and Bendji are being uploaded to photobucket at the moment, so I will post them later (but in better quality ;))


More here: http://mirtillo.weebly.com/mirtillo-lure-coursing-2010.html

These pics are great! Tillo is a great looking dog.

Beautiful pictures…there's nothing more awesome then seeing a b in a full out run...so graceful!!! you capture the moment amazingly....

Thanks 🙂 I know for sure Tillo is very happy when he gets to chase the lure. My G.. the first 2 hours he only cried and made crazy moves to get out of his collar :rolleyes: 😉 He loves that stupid piece of plastic 😃

Like a Cheetah 🆒:D.

Sigh, I REALLY wish we had lure coursing here. Seems like the most natural sport for dogs, and looks like they enjoy it.

Tillo looks marvelous. My favourite picstures are the 'flying' pictures. You can just feel his speed!

Great Pictures Janneke!!!!

He is so fast!!! 😃

And the pics with Yana (Chafuko's sister) is biting Tillo.. Naughty girl!

We had a great time 😃


Look at that beautiful Tillo go..wowser. he is a stunner…

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