• We had an agility match today! Tillo and I ran three DQs, but it was a great day anyway 🙂 Tillo did really well in the extra fun race that was also organized. He ran it flawless in 27 seconds. The previous best time was 30+ seconds, so that was a big 'wow'! When we left in the afternoon the best time in the Large class was 26,82 s.. Not bad for our small boy! Job brought the video camera. Here some of our runs:


  • Oh, very nice video! well done for both of you. it always amazes me how high you are required to have your dog jump. it looks like you restarted on that first run? we are not allowed to do that.

  • Yes, I restarted, because I already DQed.. This was 55 cm, because it was beginners class.. In the other classes (except veterans) he has to jump 65 cm….... Which is, of course, way too high..

    Edit: oh wait.. now I see.. I didn't restart.. I started at the jump that he had to do if he hadn't run off.. 🙂 So I just continued where we failed..

    Edit 2: I send him through the tunnel to get his attention again... 😉

  • Great job! I actually love that he ran off to say hello to someone, basenjis just have to be free spirits. The little agility I did with Nicky, the jumps were low, really she just had to 'hop'
    over them. Tillo does a great job at those high-jumps!

  • He looked great!

  • Even 55 cm seems high to me. Gossy is taking agility classes and she's told to jump at maximum height of only 41 cm!

  • Regardless of the DQs, I think Mirtillo did beautifully! My favourite part of all three runs is right before Mirtillo starts - he's so alert and waiting for your instruction to start. 🙂

  • A lovely video and Tillo walked beautifully beside you. He is a very talented young man!

  • Love watching the dogs do agility! Tillo did great…..I guess in that first one he just thought the course should be set up a little different ;-).

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