Rabies Vaccine reaction

Glad to hear that your basenji recovered and is doing well.

@bark - I also before any shots give Benadryl pill about 2 hours before and then about 4 hours after

@tanza said in Rabies Vaccine reaction:

@bark - I also before any shots give Benadryl pill about 2 hours before and then about 4 hours after

I’ve not heard of this until now. Makes sense. A full people pill, child pill, or ???

@jengosmonkey - Regular people pill, 25mg. I have always done this as I did have one of my males that would have a reaction to rabies shots, this stopped it totally....

@kembe He is back to his same old crazy self! One thing the young tech worker told me is that most likely hit a blood vessel when they gave him the shot. Due to COVID we couldn't go with him inside the vet's office so I am sure he was a handful to keep calm. Surprisingly, the vet said he did well despite my thinking he would be hard to handle. Cheers--thanks to all of you for your comments. This Forum is so valuable!
Miles says thank you too! ![alt text](0_1607986505640_Miles_holiday.jpg image url)

OMG! He looks like he’s full of “piss and vinegar”! He’s got that mischievous look - lol. What a cutie! So glad to hear he’s doing well!❤🐾👍🐕
BTW - love his sweater!

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That guy is COOL lookin'!! I've never seen one that looks like him. Yeah, I know, they all look different... not talking about that. He doesn't have any white on his head. I've never seen that. Like him. Like him a lot. 👊 😍 👍

My female always gets a swelling reaction to rabies - benadry before helps, warm compact afterwards, and no other vaccinations at the same time - we always wait at least two weeks. For some reason, that last seems to be key for her.

@wizard - Agree, no other vaccinations at the same time, always separate them by 3 weeks or so. That said, I do titers for any other vaccinations, my C-Me has not had to have any boosters since her 1yr booster and she is going to be 11 later this month. Franie did have to have a booster 3yrs ago but that was the first after her 1yr booster and she will be 11 in January

There are different types of rabies vaccine. The ones most likely to cause a reaction have thimerosal in them. A friend's dog (not a Basenji) had an anaphylactic reaction to a rabies shot, and she would have lost him had the vet not still been present and able to counter it with epinephrine. In the future they made sure the shots he got did not have thimerosal. Usually reactions aren't quite so dramatic, but something to keep in mind.

I also used blood titers to avoid unnecessary vaccinations with my dogs. More expensive, but worth it!

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