Overlooking my kingdom

Kylo does the same, he likes to lay in the patio and absorb every bit of heat

@slents Our Koa loved heat, so would get next to our fireplace. If he was wet due to rain outside, you could see the steam coming off his coat.

izzy wants his blanket by the fireThe fire place has to be on for izzy all winter or he will do naughty things till he gets his way. Sometimes that isn't enough he is asking my husband to lay his blanket out in front of the fireplace.

You have a gorgeous brindle. My pup is 10 months old and he is just discovering the joy of laying in the sunshine. He looks so contented.

I heard a story of a couple who went camping and woke up to find their beloved basenji nested in a bed of cooling embers to stay warm!

Every morning mine is up pawing at the door to go out on the balcony and lay in the sun.

Yep! My Jessey drives me crazy with wanting to be out all summer, but mommy is a heat lover as well, so it works great. He has his own chair in the sun. 🙂 And in the winter - he has a heated pillow I put in his bed. He's toasty warm and very happy!

Binti will bake in the sun out on the back patio...but she also enjoys "air-conditioned sun" lying in any sunny spot in the house and moving if she gets too warm to the comfort of the air-conditioning. Zaki is a smart pup using the ambient heat to warm his tummy!!!! He is not just a handsome face!!!!!!

Yes My Basenjis all lay on the heat registers and any sun light they can find

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