This is Lady

Nice, pretty girl..... how old is she? Just a thought, she could use to loose a few pounds...


@tanza She is two and she might need to shed a pound or two but she is not being showed just a companion pup and we treat to much

Hello, Lady. I am very glad to meet you. Yes, you are a very pretty Princess.

@sakuhn62 It doesn't matter - shown or just a pet (mine have all been pets even though in the past they were shown) - you have the health of the dog to consider, and carrying too much weight puts a strain on the organs.

As a two year old, this might not seem important, but believe me it is. Get her down to a nice svelte shape and keep her that way - she will be all the better for it.

She's a pretty little girl - what is her breeding so we can be sure she is included in the on-line pedigree database ? (see signature block)

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@sakuhn62 - Zande is totally correct....while mine are shown, still they are our pets. you can still give her treats, switch to fruits or veggies....reduce her daily food and you can also substitute with veggies as a filler.... longer walks will help too.

@sakuhn62 She’s a sweetheart. Look at that face. I’m in love. I kinda agree with folks on her weight. I don’t know, but I wonder if I let my Jengo get too heavy and if that contributed to the health problems that... I don’t know, but it haunts me still. I find myself questioning so many decisions. I never knew about Basenjis and vegetables and fruit. I’m doing it differently now. I really appreciate the experience our breeders share here. Hope you and Lady have MANY happy years together! More pics please!

She is a beauty! Hope you and she have lots of happy, healthy years together and LOADS of fun!!!!

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