• Kay-Dee and new friendSarcasm
    Kay-Dee on Josh
    Checking out the exhaust on Coco
    Winart's Keeper of the Goal (RIP) One of his show pictures. We lost him at 15 1/2

  • How did you accomplish the horseback pics? My Abbey grew up around horses but she's never expressed an interest in riding one!!

  • Actually when I got her I took her out to see my horse she wanted to run right up to him. She was so tiny when I got her weighed less then 3lbs at 3 months old. I put her on Blue Buffalo dog food and she started growing her weight now at 2 1/2 is usually between 18 and 19 lbs now. Anyway back to the subject of her with horses. If I pick her up and am standing beside my horse she tries to climb onto his back. She loves to ride in the cart when I'm driving my horse.

  • Great pictures. Is her new friend a Shetland?

  • I believe on another thread, you mentioned that Lady Kay-Dee was from IA. Do you have the breeder's name? I could not find her in the Basenji Pedigree Database. How old is Kay-Dee?


  • dcmclcm4
    Kay-Dee is 2 1/2. The breeder only had the basenjis for a short time. She traded one of her Arabians for the bred dogs. She got hurt and had to sell the Basenjis.

    Arwen It's a minature horse yearling.

  • Took these pictures in the winners photo spot at The Special Olympics Equestrian show today.

  • Lovely photos and isn't she a pretty girl! Does she stay in the saddle or does she jump off when the horse moves?

  • Thank you. Everywhere I go she attracts attention and I call them members of her fan club. LOL
    We've been putting her on my friends pony and I walk beside her. She walks around on him then she will lay down on him. She is still trying to get her balance on him She doesn't try to jump off. In fact when I pick her up near the horses she will try to get out of my arms and onto him. When she sees me harnesses my horse to the cart she gets all excited. She loves to ride in the cart too.

  • Houston

    Great pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

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