Wanted Basenji pup

@morsesa I beg to differ with you, all Basenjis come from the same breeding lines, no different in New Zealand... as long as they are test DNA for Fanconi and PRA at the very least, they are as healthy as any Basenji in the World. That said, of course you need to go to a responsible breeder and research them.. and get testing results and look at the pedigrees


You and fifty thousand others want a Basenji puppy in UK this summer. We have never seen such a high demand. Getting onto a list for this winter seems well-nigh impossible. I haven't bred for 12 years and still have had over 60 direct enquiries.

Have you done any homework ? Do you know why you want a Basenji ? At the very least, go my my website and read the Zande Put-Off and related articles and then email me privately.

@morsesa These days, $2000 is not likely to buy you a puppy-mill puppy, let alone one from a responsible breeder and whose parents have been health tested !

@tanza During our time of hunting for our basenji, USA dogs had a health problem.

@morsesa said in Wanted Basenji pup:

@tanza During our time of hunting for our basenji, USA dogs had a health problem.

Can you be more specific? What problem are you referring to? If Fanconi, it is a genetic recessive and there is now a test for it. Just saying "USA dogs" is a pretty broad generalization.

@morsesa - As I noted the two health issues for Basenjis, Fanconi and PRA, there are DNA tests as both are recessive genes and both of these are late onset. There is NO reason since 2008 when the first DNA test for Fanconi came out and then the direct DNA test a few years later to ever produce either of these two affilications. Is this what you are referring to and note Fanconi and PRA are NOT limited to the US, these were world wide affilications? The results of these tests (which are saliva samples done by owners/breeders) and the results are public knowledge and can be found at www.ofa.org. You will find many Basenjis thorough out the world that have been tested. If this is not what you are referring to, as asked by eeeefarm, please be more specific. Keep in mind that all Basenjis are decendants of the original Basenjis imported in the 1940's. If (and there are) people producing Basenjis with Fanconi it is because they are not testing before breeding, therefore not responsible breeders.

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@tanza I'm minded Koa was born back in the 1990s or the early part of the 2000s. I can't look it up right now. But certainly before any testing was available.

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@zande - Thanks for that Zande, certainly was not clear when MorseSA purchased the Basenji.... but still Fanconi was world wide, not just in the US

@tanza I think he was a Pukkanut bred by Alan and Lauris Hunt in New South Wales. I will look it up tomorrow.

@zande - Thanks, but no worries... I was just concerned with the comment about US "sick" Basenjis.... if this was from before we had the DNA test OK, but I wanted anyone new to know that the late onset of Fanconi and PRA has DNA testing for responsible breeders to do before breeding so that no one ever has to deal with these issues.

@markw cast you net far. We lived in Hawaii and found our love in New Zealand. Cost was $2,000 including air fare. He was well worth it. morse.stafford@gmail.com

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