• @helen-schneider I was looking through more photos and videos today. Found this one and thought of you and George...

    Click the link, it's safe. Jenga Jeng rippin' across the sand in Carmel... https://photos.app.goo.gl/HKR4zXd8csiHqwnM6

  • I just saw your post, so my condolences are late, but sincere. I am so sad for the loss of your precious Jengo. Thank you for sharing the photos.

  • @jengosmonkey
    Thanks for sending. Enjoy every minute looking at Basenji's. Wish I could send a picture of George, I will try but last time it said it was too big . I am not that great with computers.

  • Jengo - Why that name?

    On the day we met Jengo his name had been given to him by the Irvine Animal Shelter, god love them, the work they put into him, and most of all for contacting Karen and Chuck, but the name they gave him was... Lester. Didn't work. Didn't like it. Hated it. Wasn't gonna keep it. Karen always assigned her new rescue pups a letter designation and was up to the letter V. My son and I were and still are HUGE Star Wars fans, so of course we toyed with Vader. But, Vader was a villain; Jengo wasn't. After we'd chosen him, the three of us headed back to the RV Park near Karen and Chuck's ranch. My wife then started Googling Basenji to learn about history. She traced the breed to Egypt, then later to the Congo where most of the US stock had been imported. Then she looked up the predominant languages in the Congo. French and four other languages, including Swahili. French didn't work cause... Poodle. Swahili seemed cool. So, she dove in looking at Swahili words and stumbled upon... Jengo. The definition she found said that it meant "addition" as in an addition to a home or a building. We LOVED that! This dog would be an addition to our family. Perfect. Later on, when we went to look it up again, we couldn't find that same "addition" definition. That was ok. We know what we meant when we chose it, that Jengo was an addition to our family. He helped build our family. Here's a pic of Jengo laying on the floor in a sunny spot. He was a heat seeker. You can see the shaved areas around the wounds that had been stitched up and were still healing...

    0_1599783700355_20130417_092721 (Small).jpg

    Jengo - The RV Dog
    So, Jengo rode home in the RV and he continued to travel with us in the RV whenever and where ever we went. He ALWAYS went with us in the RV. It was funny because at some point, very early on, he figured out the RV meant... It was time to go and we're leaving for another adventure. He was a laid back doggie most of the time... until the RV showed up in the driveway. Once he saw it through the front window he'd get wound up and follow us everywhere through the house paying special attention to both the front and garage doors. He made it abundantly clear that HE was going and we better not forget him. We never did. He was a great traveler and fellow adventurer. Here are a few pics of RV life...

    0_1599787342078_Jengo RV Table (Small).jpg

    0_1599787416524_20130609_210458 (Small).jpg

    0_1599792253366_20131124_100117 (Small).jpg

    Jengo- The Adventure Dog

    Jengo's travel are pretty dang far and wide for a Basenji. And, he liked to travel. He's been all over California, parts of Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. He was good hiker, but loved to get home to his RV and snuggle up once the day was done. Here are a few pics of his adventures...

    Redwood Dog
    0_1599790147862_20130608_105850 (Small).jpg

    0_1599790277711_20130610_092416 (Small).jpg

    I love this one!

    0_1599790401018_20130610_104908 (Small).jpg

    0_1599790461011_20130610_165805 (Small).jpg

    Snow Dog
    0_1599790522259_20130613_151713 (Small).jpg

    Alpaca Dog...
    0_1599790589119_20130804_123938 (Small).jpg

    California Sierra Granite Boulder Rock Hopping Dog
    0_1599790684161_20130805_133016-1 (Small).jpg

    Pinecrest Lake Dog (We were married there and Joe's been there dang near every year since he was born)
    0_1599790931736_20130806_105010-1 (Small).jpg

    0_1599791306946_20140805_124512 (Small).jpg

    0_1599791381926_20140806_140751 (Small).jpg

    Grand Canyon Dog
    0_1599793850298_EFEO3378 (Small).JPG

    Arizona Petrified Forest Dog... in December
    0_1599792029091_20131222_094246 (Small).jpg

    Jengo - The Camp Dog...
    Jengo was a great camper. He'd sleep anywhere once he was tuckered out. I liked that he'd sleep in the dirt. He was a real dog and didn't care. And we didn't either. We'd let him back into the RV at the end of the day with all the dirt, bugs and all other manner of nature's gifts to conk out and sleep. We'd just wash everything once we got home.
    0_1599792516203_20180714_162056_HDR (Small).jpg

    0_1599792999956_20130805_110218 (Small).jpg

    0_1599793311336_20130614_193651-1 (Small).jpg

  • @jengosmonkey
    Wow! Jengo had a full and adventurous life! You should write a book - “On the Adventures of Jengo”. I really enjoy your photos!❤🐕🐾

  • Hi, I am so sorry to hear about Jengo’s passing, your photos are gorgeous, what a beautiful boy.
    Heartfelt condolences to you and your family 🌷

  • @helen-schneider
    Helen you can send your potos to me and I'll gladly resize for you.

  • Debra,
    let me know your email and I want to send some pictures of my buddy George. I cannot copy them here but I am a computer idiot .
    My email is helen

  • We received this letter this past Saturday from University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Completely unexpected.

    0_1600712145072_Davis Letter.jpg

    That was really special. Also, got around to painting his paw print...
    0_1600712662054_20200918_162741 (Small).jpg

    I'm still toying with making a Shadow Box memorial for him. This is the one I made for my last dog...
    0_1600712848006_20200831_161730 (Small).jpg

  • @jengosmonkey
    I’m impressed with the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in reaching out to you and making a donation in memory of Jengo. You definitely have to do a shadow memory box for Jengo - I love the one you did for your previous dog. What a beautiful memorial! 🐾❤

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