Dealing with Covid Travel Restrictions

WARNING: The following is whine from future basenji owner.

Having been cooped up at home for the last 6 months, I had not considered the difficulties of a meet and greet with breeder or picking up a dog located more than a 1 day round trip drive over state lines. Doable in some states if you have have proof of neg covid test within 72 hrs but some states, hotels are not accepting reservations if you live outside that state. So close to finally getting that sought after basenji, only to be frustrated by travel restrictions.

You have a right to VENT! I hope everything works out for you and you get your basenji!🐕❤🐾

Most problems have a work around. The meet and greet with the breeder will have to be virtual. But that's pretty standard these days when Zoom or FaceTime is our friend. In fact I can see breeders installing video monitors or posting videos so you could see the little guys.

On the travel, I thought the requirements for a negative COVID test kicked in when you tested positive? In any event, rather than hassle with the logistics of a hotel/motel during a pandemic, and to avoid risk, I think I'd rent a small RV. We have had friends who needed to travel but weren't willing to get on a plane do this, and it worked out well for them.

When you're hunting for a Basenji a pandemic won't stop you!

Having said that, I wonder how many breeders will be deterred by the health situation. If they're going ahead they might be delighted to anyone interested in one of their pups.

Thanks for the suggestion of renting an RV. I'll have to see if that would satisfy states I might travel through.

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