• Just thought I'd throw this out there since it seems like we have SO many members and and I think even a few from Hawaii. My BF and I are thinking about going to Hawaii sometime in Feb/March. Right now we are thinking Maui - and I'm looking for advice on where to stay. A friend is giving us use of their timeshare but its one of those that has lots of places to choose from.

    We're pretty outdoorsey folks, actually it will be one of our first trips together where we didn't camp for the majority of the time. We're planning to go for 2 weeks, spending the first week camping/hiking on the SE part of the island and the 2nd week at a timeshare doing who knows what. What do people DO at a timeshare? lol. I know there's some great snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, etc etc and we want to do all of that! We're not much for fine dining or shopping so we probably will save our money for the outdoor excursions…

    Anyone been to Maui and has some advice what city would be good home base for the 2nd week? Or stuff to do? Nice local places to go?

  • Gaaaaaaaaaah EMAIL ME!

    Was only born and raised there and lived there until I was like 23 ish…..I still consider myself a resident when I'm home as it is so familiar to me, so many memories there, too many to count. I actually just got back on New Years Eve, I was there for 8 days.

    I would be happy to help you out with planning your trip. Hana is WAY up on my list when I go home. Sounds like you've tuned into that best kept secret with your plans to hike/camp the SE part of the island.

    Whale watching! I went while I was home but it was only a week and a half into whale season so they will be more active later in the year. The most incredible whale watch I ever went on was in February a couple years ago right before I studied abroad.

    Another thing I really enjoy and have done a handful of times is staying at one of the cabins inside Haleakala Crater (don't worry, it's dormant). It's a very outdoorsy rustic adventure.
    The cabins are reserved via a lottery system but the last couple times I have gotten one I've called and snatched up a cancellation...you might try to actually reserve one first, because you have time. The best cabin by far is Paliku. It's the farthest in, about a full days hike, but it's the lushest part of the crater. The crater has two gaps in the wall...named Kaupo Gap and Ko'olau Gap. Paliku is next to Kaupo Gap and it's greener because clouds drift into the crater through the gap. If you hike out via Halemau'u (much preferable to Sliding Sands for the trip out) you will get to see Koolau Gap. If you don't end up staying in the crater, you can always do a days hike in the crater....down Sliding Sands and out Halemauu. I think it's 11 miles. The crater is the #1 tourist destination on Maui but many more people drive up and view the crater from the visitor's center than actually hike very far in.

    Seriously tho....this is going to turn into a novel in no time.....can you get my e-mail address from Alex?

  • Wow, fantastic! I just messaged Alex to hopefully get us in touch! Thanks so much! I have heard great things about Hana and we do plan to do that while we're there!

  • Too cool Michelle! It looks like you have an expert here to give you all the good secrets. 🙂 But I'll ask my mom if she has any good ideas too. They just went to Maui a couple years ago. I remember them taking a nice helicopter ride to see the sights, but that's all I can remember. lol

  • Love planning big vacations! I went there end of February - years ago. The whale watching trip was fantastic - saw many hump backs breaching and blowing. We also did a snorkeling charter trip on a catameran that took us to reefs and saw the most colorful fish. And we did the "Road to Hana" trip. That was amazing - beautiful sights along the way - ended up at a gentle waterfall you can walk in and around. We spent 7 days on Maui and 6 days on Kauai, where we did a helicopter tour to the rain forest side of the island - lots of waterfalls. It was so long ago, but the memory of it all lasts a lifetime. Half the fun is planning, the other half is being there. Enjoy everything about this adventure.

  • Hey Mauigirl - Alex said he sent my email to you - but he didn't send me yours so can you email me?

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