• Hi,

    I am hopefully going to own my own Basenji in a couple of months and I am getting my house and garden ready for its arrival!

    I have a 16.5 meter long / 3 foot tall wall and then the rest or my garden is surrounded by tall shrubs that are very dense.

    I cannot get a tall fence because I have been denied planning permission for this.

    If I buy more, very tall, shrubs and make sure any gaps are filled in, do you think this would be sufficient in keeping a Basenji in? I have opted for tall shrubs over small trees as I thought the branches on a shrub might be trickier for the dog to climb due to it being softer.

    Any ideas would be hugely appreciated!


  • In my opinion, a 3ft wall will not keep a Basenji in nor will tall dense shrubs... if they see something to chase, none of the above will keep them in... so in that case, never to be alone in the garden unless on leash... again, in my opinion. We have 12ft solid privacy fences.. and we did have one gate that was 6ft... only took a Basenji to get her front feet on the top of the gate and lift herself up and then to the 12ft fence and walk down it.... to say the gate then became a 10ft height

  • Hi Tanza,

    Thank you so much for your advice. I would never leave it unattended either but the thought that it will be much faster than me if it were to dart was worrying me.

    I think you are right and I will have to leash it in the garden. I was hoping of a way around it as I thought it might be nice for a little freedom but I do agree that realistically, if it wants to get out, it will if given the chance!

    Thanks a lot!

  • We have about 2/3 acre of garden. Lawns, flower borders, shrubbery, orchard and vegetable patch.

    On the perimeter, I cut all my hedges in half, erected 4 foot of independently supported wire netting (strong, narrow gauge) and let the hedges, mostly hawthorn, grow back. I didn't want the regrowth to distort the netting so it is on its own posts. In some places the hedges are about 5 feet tall, in others just 4 feet, but this has kept generations of Basenjis at home and able to exercise in the garden. I did the fencing in 1985 when we were expecting our first litter.

    The vegetable patch has been a different story. Puppies and adults love vegetables, fresh picked by themselves.

    4 foot high chain link fence was the answer. Loose strung so they don't have the confidence to climb it. I found a firm who made gates and purchased several, very cheaply, that had been made to the wrong specs. No they don't match but they do the job. Let me in and keep the dogs out.

    Can you put some kind of trellis on top of your wall so as to make it higher without incurring planning problems ? I should think the Basenji would need space to run and jump the wall, unless he can scrabble over it, and therefore trees would deter him.

    It seems a terrible shame to have a garden and not be able to let the Basenji enjoy freedom in it.

    Once he has learned he can escape, he will keep on trying. If I don't want any of mine to learn they have this ability, I pick them up and carry them over whatever obstacle I intend for them.

    Enjoy the puppy !

  • This is a situation where "invisible fence" can be useful. Not and never on its own for Basenjis, but to keep them away from the regular fence so they don't jump or climb it.

  • @eeeefarm Do you mean electric fence ? I would never use that near a Basenji. Supposing they saw it as an enemy and 'fought' it for hurting them ?

  • Thanks Zande and Eeeefarm!
    Well I'm am not allowed any structure at all including a trellis over 1 metre in height except things that grow naturally.

    I have read about the loose fencing before and wish I could do that... it's so stupid that i can't have a fence!

    I have read a mixture of different posts from various chats and think I have come up with a plan. My nan was blind and always had guid dogs who were always impeccably well behaved so I strongly believe that if I train the dog well from the start, I should, in theory, have no problems, once the training has taken affect of course! I think I will also put down some lava rocks infront of all the walls / bushes to deter, then they have a third obstacle being the thick tall bushes and finally as a last resort, I may look into the invisible fence, although I haven't fully studied this for myself yet so I'm not too sure how I feel about this option.

    I have asked the breeder what her dogs are like and I am awaiting a reply but fingers crossed she'll at least agree with the training, rocks and bushes otherwise I dont think I will be able to have a Basenji ☹. I cant risk its safety just because I want one.

  • Another question nobody has asked - how big is the garden ? As long as there is plenty of space and things to amuse them, a Basenji needn't want to try to escape. Also, is something very interesting likely to be happening the other side of the metre high wall/fence ?

    When not locked down, I work with the blind and visually impaired and their dogs never cease to amaze me. I can't honestly imagine a Basenji achieving those lofty heights of total obedience.

    But you have entirely the right attitude, training should start from day one.

    Good luck with it !

  • Thanks! My garden isn't huge but I live right next to moorland which goes on for miles. There's also alocal farmer who allows you to book his fields any time so you can let your dog run off the lead and not worry about it getting into any trouble!

    I also plan on getting up early to walk the dog and let it run for a while, then again midday and in the evening. Hopefully this will tire it out a little!

    We are a highly active family and health and fitness is one of the things we try to teach our kids so I can't see the exersize being an issue... however we do have lots of wild rabbits and squirrels about!

    I guess I will carry on with my research so I can be fully prepared!


  • @june - IMO... I would never use invisible fencing.... while it might keep your dog in, it will not keep others out... that said... using electric fencing does work.. mostly like used for horses in a pasture... keeps most out and/or in... I have had friends and puppy owners that needed to have Chain link fencing backed up to open spaces... (home requirements) so hot wire fencing works... or in so cases terrible neighbors dogs .....

  • Yes, electric fence will work if it is constructed properly (e.g. hot/ground/hot/ground) so they don't go through or under it. But lots of people have Basenjis and do not have a garden. If your family is active the dog should get enough exercise. And it is generally not a great idea to leave Basenjis outside unsupervised for long periods of time unless you have more than one. They like company!

  • @june no, Thor is gone in a hot minute. I know some dogs can be trained to come when called...
    We have a lever on the front door, Thor learned as quickly as he was tall enough to pull the lever down weight bare on the door and Basenji gone. We never let him off a lease. Good luck with your new pup and training.

  • first, do not use a chain link type of fence. A basenji can scale it in a second. Looks like a tall close wood fence is out for one has to be at lest 7 ft tall.

    stafford morse

  • @morsesa Not if its loosely strung, they won't. No confidence cos it sways. 4 foot chainlink has kept generations of Basenjis out of my vegetable garden.

  • Looks like you are out of luck. Basenji's are escape artists. Could use your 3 ft wall and then build a 4 ft behind it only 2 ft apart??? Put a port hole in the inner fence so it can return to you side of the yard.

    stafford morse

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