• :eek: Well this weekend we went to stay with some family out in the suburbs and my B loved it. They have a huge back yard to play in and the kids love him. Well one of the kids left the gate opened and when I heard our B escaped, I rushed out to grab him and then I heard a yell from my niece that he had crosses the street and ran into someone's opened front door. :eek: I couldn't believe it, I rushed in and there he was strolling through the house like owned that place. I scooped him up and gave thousands of apologies. I'm just thankful a car did not come and also glad he did not nip anyone. Believe me those kids got an earful. If you love your furry cousin, you better make sure the gate is locked. Needless to say that the rest of the day I was all eyes on the B. Funny story though now that all is O.K.🆒

  • We'd had Keoki for one day before he found a space in the gate that he could squeeze through. I had just told my 16 yo daughter that he'd found it, and I was going in the house, so she needed to watch extra carefully and keep him away from that part of the yard.

    Within five minutes the yells came, "The puppy's out!" Grrrrrr
    Fortunately, he was only investigating the neighbor's back yard. The kids got an earful, and dh fixed the problem that night.

  • Boy, you were lucky…funny story after the fact...I wonder what those people thought when he was walking through their house...

  • Who let the fox in..hahaha

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