• My yard has a chain link fence which EL D has respected (he's not a climber). However now that we have snow a new problem developed. On the far side of the house (where I can't see completely from my deck) my neighbor blows snow from her driveway into my yard - no big deal EXCEPT it created a hill that might allow EL D to walk up and over the fence. Even though I always watch while EL D is in the yard doing his thing, it's a fairly large yard. As the hill started to increase in size I started to become concerned and was thinking about solutions when one evening EL D found and chased a rabbit in the yard, which headed for, you guessed it, THE HILL. I called and went charging after him and luckily the rabbit went down towards the small slot in the fence corner rather than over the hill. Oh my, I thought my heart would never stop pounding! This weekend I went and bought some additional fencing to fence off this section of the yard so EL D doesn't even come close to THE HILL. It's not perfect since it's only tied to the trees and adjacent fencing and not pounded into the ground but it would slow EL D down and it's got small holes at the base to prevent rabbits. Something else to consider. And yes EL D caught and killed the rabbit.

  • They'll do anything to catch those SILLY RABBITS 😃 😃

  • Uh…could you ask your neighbor NOT to do that 😉 Maybe she can blow the snow the other way?

  • I thought about that (could you not put your snow in my yard 😞 )but there really isn't room for the snow to go anywhere else. I make sure I'm out in the yard now not just on the deck watching.
    Just another thing to think about with basenjis.
    There are really good tips in the training section on preventing accidental escapes - newer owners should especially check those out.

  • Well I would have to say, it is pretty "rude" to be blowing snow into someone else's yard.. IMO… be like blowing leaves from the trees into a neighbors yard....

  • I would suggest purchasing what is called 'silt fence'. It's a black porous poly that construction sites use to keep sediment ON site (rather than getting into our sewers and clogging them up). Put this on HER side of the fence. It'll keep the snow from passing through your chain link.

    See here: http://www.jmdcompany.com/images/supersilt.gif
    and here: http://www.catalogclearance.com/itm_img/Silt_Fence.jpg

    Google it. It's pretty easy to find and also pretty cheap. They may even have something similar that will work at home depot. Your local contractor's supply houses typically carry a ton of it. I saw 36" x 100' rolls online for around $30 bucks.

    Simple twistie-ties or zip-ties would work for attaching it to your fence.

    Either that or get hook a hose up to your sink and start shooting it with hot water! They make hose to sink adapters for waterbeds. 🙂

    Lastly, you could pack the snow, cut it into blocks and build an igloo. 😉

  • Thanks for that idea about the silt fencing Tucker - I'll look into it.

    I also had this flash idea about your last "suggestion" - I can just see the igloo thing -it wouldn't matter how much snow fell or was blown on top of it either. Not only that but if EL D cornered a rabbit in the igloo - hoo boy 😃

  • HA HA , we don't get snow at all anywhere within about 2000 kilmetres of us, in fact I have never even seen snow apart from in pictures. Christmas time is always very hot and Christmas lunch usually comprises of lots of salads and stuff instead of turkey so your story seemed extra funny to me. However I would definately be tempted to start making snowballs from the snow she is donating to you and throwing them back at her! How rude I think!

  • Lastly, you could pack the snow, cut it into blocks and build an igloo

    Your sense of humor KILLS me..as I was reading your suggestions so intently & then burst out LAUGHING…ROFL ROFL...:D 😃

  • haha the igloo part is too funny 😛

  • @jys1011:

    Your sense of humor KILLS me..as I was reading your suggestions so intently & then burst out LAUGHING…ROFL ROFL...:D 😃

    Hopefully you had a mouth full of coffee when you burst out laughing! 😃

  • Im licky if i can get Stella to even walk in the snow. To get her to out i have to carry her.

  • You could always put it to good use and move the snow and pile into sort of a ramp or obsticle course. He might even like it!

  • Even better - I could ramp it up the squirrel tree - EL D would love that!

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