Our dog has learned how to escape from her crate!

  • I locked our girl in her crate in the morning the last two days and after I leave my wife says she is loose in the morning.

    We have the wire crates with the vertical latches. The spring broke on the latch. I witnessed how she does it. She slides the clasp up with her nose while pushing on the door. The latch is still not that easy to lift as its still a tight fit.

    Her in her top crate-

  • Hah! Paco escaped from his crate yesterday as well - it was my fault, though. I had removed the divider in the crate and forgotten to check the latch on a second door on the side. I expected a LOT more mess from him - but all he did was pull some of our clothes out of the hamper, make a bed out of them on the floor, and apparently lie there with all his favorite chew toys. He even managed to hold his bladder until I got home and opened the door! 😃

    How do you plan to fix it?

  • We could but she really does not need to be crated, so right now we just think she is soooo cute. We need to crate our other dog due to aggression issues & I have been crating them at the same time as it makes him happier.

    She loves her crate and sleeps in it. Its her safe place.

    This her in her "happy place", just fed fast asleep.

    I can just put a new spring or a bungie cord on it, if it does become a problem.

  • Our 2 b's CHEWED through their kennels and crawled out the hole in about an hour. All was ok until they figured out how to do it. So we got a 5x5x4 chain link kennel and put chicken wire on the top. It has a latch gate door and they got THAT open so we got a chain and a carbinar lock and they are as happy as can be. They wait at the door to go in.They get treats when they kennel. 🙂 Well worth the money.

  • My old bitch is totally averse to being crated on her own. As a young adult when I was trying to insist that she go in on her own (after trying every method) I cruelly put a padlock on her crate. I left her a little while in the living room and was amazed to hear her scratching on the door. When I went in I was I found the padlock still intact on the crate. She must have pushed down one end and clambered through the gap!!!

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