She is my heart and soul aside from Our 7 yr old daughter

@savmah2012 said in She is my heart and soul aside from Our 7 yr old daughter:

her tail was also unfortunately docked

Why do you think her tail was docked? It doesn't look docked to me as I can see it in her photo. ?

Cute little baby ! I have had a couple of Basenjis over the years (among many) who were afeared of thunderstorms and fireworks.

Rescue Remedy. A herbal, obtainable in health-food shops. It comes with a dropper in the lid. A dropper half full, into the side of the mouth (they are not keen on it !) about half an hour before the onset of firework bangs on Guy Fawkes Night works wonders. And if you have any warning at all of impending thunder - reach for the bottle !

@savmah2012 - she is very cute and sweet looking.... not sure a Basenji or mix with Basenji.... but glad that she found you and a great home...

@elbrant it was documented in the adoption forms that she was docked

@tanza she always has like this smile on her face and she’s actually pure bred I have papers for her And thank you I absolutely adore her can’t wait to spend the rest of her little life with me

@zande I forgot about fireworks those get her riled up to and I will look into that thank you

Athena is a very pretty little girl. Love it that she will "dress up" with you. So glad you realize what a treasure you have in your family.

@savmah2012 In the U.S., a docked tail typically means that all except for a few inches of the tail has been removed after birth. The remaining length of tail is typically less than 4-5", depending on the breed. And docking a Basenji, to my knowledge, is just not done. Perhaps the form was marked incorrectly? (shrug) It was just something I noticed in her photo...

She is cute as a button. I'm glad you two found each other.

Athena is adorable. I love that she let you dress her up!
Rescue Remedy that Zande mentioned is good, also a Thunder shirt might help. Probably on Amazon
and it wraps the dog up without restricting moving, kind of like a big hug. They work for some, and not
for others. Doesn't hurt to try. Some dogs are more sensitive to loud noises (fireworks, thunder or what
have you), other's not so much. I live in the country in California and one day I took my youngest b (8.5 yrs)
for a walk with me to the mailbox. Walking back up the drive, it started thundering. Mr.T stopped and
looked up, it thundered again, he turned around and assumed walking home. No bother. Just curious
as to where the noise was coming from.
You never said how old your daughter is. Toddler or a bit older? Toddlers do need to be watched so they
do not pull ears, tail and such. Glad to read that your daughter and Athena have a good relationship right
now. That's very important.

Athena hit the jackpot with you! Congratulations! She is so, so cute! And she sounds ilke she's settling in with your family.

My rescue b-mix just started to be scared during storms, he's been with us for 4 years. Just sits near us or under my desk while I'm working and shivers. Read online on an animal behavior site (unfortunately I don't recall the site) that you need to let them find their safe spot, it may not be a crate or somewhere that they usually might be very comfortable in.

You can try to behavior train them out of the fear by getting them acclimated by softly playing some thunder noise and slowly raise the volume, but it the dog starts reacting, lower the volume and start over--it seems like it takes a great deal of time to get them acclimated, but it sounded worth it.

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