• So, I have been working on the reward system here and Zaki really loves one treat that has beef and beef liver. I noticed that if I give him more than four a day, he has issues with gas, which I don't mind, but my wife keeps blaming me for it. I try to tell her its the dog but she just glares at me. Anyway, my question is could he have an allergic reaction to the liver and if so, how can I find out what if anything else he is allergic to?

  • @slents Just keep giving him all sortsof things (except the known toxic ones) as "tests". I give 'doodle' all sorts of stuff, but she seems to digest everything without an issue.

  • @elbrant Thats the issue with Zaki, he will eat anything and I swear if he ever got the food bag open he would eat it all. I will keep testing.

  • Liver is rich so this might be the reason, change your treats and see if there is improvement. I make my own treats using my dehydrator. I use chicken tenders, pound them thin, then into the dehydrator for 12 hours. You can dehydrate anything... including veggies and fruits. One note would be to use white meat for the chicken as I found that dark meat is to fatty to dehydrate easily.

  • @tanza great ideas, thanks.

  • I guess you have never read the info on the package... 1 piece liver per day only..

  • @tuts Actually, I am very adept at the skill of reading and I did and the package did not say anything about "how many per day" It only said to feed your dog as a treat and to be used as a training aid. Maybe you can only read in French, because the package did have instructions in French as well, and you know what they say about the French. Sorry if my reply was too long 🙂

  • Hello,
    I think its all depend on dog's age. [deleted spam url]

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