Adopt tri male Basenji in Washington

Hello! My family and I live in Auburn, Wa. We are looking to add a male tri Basenji to our family. We have a 3 year old female Basenji. I have reached out to all the WA breeders and looking out of state if one is in need of an awesome loving home. We are active and have to kids. Nolan 10 and Beckett 8. Please let me know of any leads.

Thank you,
Jamie R

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It is a bit late in the season to find a Basenji from a responsible breeder. Most all responsible breeders have prior reservations for pups expected.

@tanza yes. I totally get that. We adopted our female a few years ago in February. She was 1 at the time. I’m hopeful that a male will bless us. Or possibly someone will return one or a show dog will be retired.

@jmeleigh00 - Keep in touch with the breeders in the PNW..... might take some time... talk to them so they know you are serious... which I am sure you already have been....

@tanza yes I have kept in touch. Plus Natalie at DLucks Basenji are very good friends. I’ll keep my figures crossed.

Sounds like Tanza has given you some good advice and she is well aware of life on the WestCoast of USA.

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