• We adopted an amazing dog from a rescue. We were told he was a chihuahua mix. I became concerned that he didn’t bark, our previous dog was a Jack Russell who had been 😇 😀 our family member for 15 years. He barked at himself barking. I finally looked up dogs that didn’t bark, and became aware for the first time of the Basenji.
    Our new beloved dog, has so many Basenji traits, he weighs 22 pounds. We have encountered several people in our local park, including a woman who raised Basenjis and told us we have a Baseniji mix. I know only a DNA test will tell us for sure.
    I have gained insight from this site on the traits, that are so different from our Jack. Our new dog is a delight. He does occasionally vocalize, and will now bark, but very rarely. He grooms himself like a cat. We had a Russian Blue for 19 years, and our new dog almost reminds me of her.
    He is amazingly strong for his size, and has the sweetest personality. He can leap like Superman, and is very intelligent but does things his own way, as if he first reasons things out. For a rescue dog, we were amazed by how much he already knew and kept hidden at first. 1_1582517423086_0E672BA2-ECBF-4274-8D7E-FF5211C8E300.jpeg 0_1582517423077_6E76B332-1B5B-42FA-83DB-472206848870.jpeg

  • Not sure about basenji, maybe some Shibu Inu in there

  • I agree. I don’t really see Basenji. Regardless, he is adorable!🐾

  • Shiba Inu shouts much louder to me than Basenji ! I might even question the knowledge of the Basenji breeder you met, but then, they saw your boy, I only have pictures. Whatever he is, and as you rightly say, only a DNA test will tell you for sure, he's a handsome lad and lucky to have landed on his feet with you !

  • Thank you so much for the response. Sorry about the sideway pictures. The woman who had basenjis was remarking on his tail and behavior. He does have a basenji air about him. I have uploaded his pictures on 3 apps that will calculate the breed of a dog, often it comes up with part Basenji, but just as often Carolina Dog, which is considered the American Dingo. He was a stray, and I’m happy that he now has a home. He really is a great dog.

  • Oh yes Shiba Inu comes up to, as well as terrier and oddly French bull dog. It depends on the photograph. He is definitely much more than a chihuahua. A DNA test is definitely in his future. Meanwhile I know that like a Basenji, he should never be off leash, and we always need to make sure the gate is securely shut, or he will probably run off after an interesting scent.
    I’m glad the pound picked him up, and then a rescue selected him from animal control.

  • @allyn said in Basenji mix?:

    Meanwhile I know that like a Basenji, he should never be off leash, and we always need to make sure the gate is securely shut,

    I have had Basenjis for a long, long time now. I have always let them run off lead in the woods away from traffic. They have all been taught - and I have had up to eight at a time although am now down to one, soon to be two (!) - to return to me if I whistle. Basenjis CAN be taught to run free and to obey commands.

    Yes, gates should be kept shut, tightly, at all times. But away from traffic, they can be trained to behave and allowed to run free.

    I have bought a puppy sling for my new boy so I can take him to the woods with Hoover, and let him meet lots of people and thoroughly socialise until he has had his shots. I don't intend to deprive Hoover of her freedom just because of the puppy. He will learn to walk on a leash but mostly he'll be the hunter nature intended him to be.

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