• My newest basenji i bought i noticed has seemd to have developed a small cosmetic defect im worried that he wont grow out of it. Its his right side ear. Its seems to have turned into a dog ear like you mark a book. Will he grow out of it into a straight pointed ear he is 7weeks old and i just noticed it after really looking at him the last few days.

  • Also how do i attach pics to the threads using a mobile phone

  • 7 weeks? Bit young to be taken from the litter? Usually it is at least 8wks? In regards to the ear, totally normal. Couple of my pups didn't have upright ears until after 8 wks, again normal. Note also that many time when teething, the ears will drop over. I have been raising Basenjis since 1991 and seen this all the time.... they are all different. I would not be concerned

  • @tanza lol now i know this about the 8week rule but i got Jasmine at 7weeks and i pickef up the new addition Romeo at 7 weeks. I do think the starting training them at that age was very successful, jasmine sits, gives high five, lays, doesnt run off off leash and on leash doesn't pull also potty training seemed to go smooth. But i dont think i would pick up a pup before 7 even though some do get them at 6. Also thank you for the response about the ears i wish i could figure out how to post pics of the new young pup.

  • Perfectly normal at 7 weeks. I don't know any breeder who would let a pup go that early though. 8.5 weeks is the earliest I have ever let one go and that is after they have had their first shot. Training can be over done - too early. It works just as well at 12 weeks as at 7.

  • What Zande and tanza said. Perfectly normal -- and at that age they can go up and then back down LOL -- and the pup is too young to separated from mom and siblings. Be prepared for the possibility that some of your blood will be spilled. They learn to pull their bites between 7 and 12 weeks. ☹

  • @drew82 - In the US is it not legal to sell/place a pup at that age. I don't place mine before 9wks at the earliest and only homes with Basenji already. My pups are litter box trained so potty training is not an issue.

  • @drew82 said in Early defects:

    how do i attach pics to the threads using a mobile phone

    I'm not exactly sure... we might end up concluding that every mobile phone is different.
    I do this convoluted dance where I either

    • transfer my pics to the cloud and link them (using the 6th icon over on the top of the text "compose" field). It inserts the following code into your post: ![alt text](image url) change "alt text" and "image url" for your specific image , or I

    • transfer my pics to my desktop/laptop computer and insert them (using the next to last icon). That will pull up a file browser box to allow you to find and select exactly which pic you want to post.

    I have heard that large files do not always work, and it's generally a good idea to adjust the size of the image you are sending. Some of us might be overwhelmed with an image that stretches across our entire monitor.

    Can't wait to see your pups!

  • As tanza has stated. the pups ears are not a worry, about 12 weeks they should start to settle down, when they have a full set of needles for teeth. And speaking about needles, keep them quarantined, (eg no dog parks, very local walks, etc), so that his mother's immunisations would still be effective through her milk. I await until their adult shots before releasing pups, then I know that they have at least the best start in life.
    Another item, buy a Dremel rotary tool, and start grinding their nails. The earlier you do it, then they get used to being trimmed, and the noise. A little bit at first, do not get down to the quick. It is done with the fine emery paper one, try on your own. It can get hot, NOT RECOMMENDED, so go to another nail if it is getting to warm.
    Keep learning and asking questions - no question is too silly or too hard, but you should not be asking the same question repeatedly. Have fun with your new found friend, and treat her like one of your human kids, about 2 - 4 yo. Best of luck.

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