• It is 90 degrees today in Staten Island. I am very confused!!

    In the winter, Lillie tolerated the cold fine (with or without a jacket). She loved to sit by the vent in my living room when my heat was on.

    I noticed today that the heat seems to bother her. My husband and son took her on a trail walk today. It was cool there. Of course she would not go near the water. They drove home with the air conditioner. She then hung out with me for a short period of time in my backyard. She wasn't in the sun that much as she found a cool, shady spot.

    Now, she is out. Some panting and heavy breathing. She is sleeping right now as I am sure the weather and the walk has tired her out. Before she fell asleep I fed her some ice chips.

    My question is…do basenjis like the hot weather? Do I need to leave my air conditioner at home on all the time for her? I am very confused. Any suggestions and/or advice would be appreciated.


  • Basenji typically like hot weather, but NOT extreme hot weather… and back East you have humidity also which is not something they like... usually they will go between laying in the sun and then the shade... You need to be careful in the summer with humid weather.. as it is dangerous for dogs like humans... While they enjoy the heat... remember in the winter they can move off the heater vent..ggg... in the summer they need a place to cool off...

  • Pat-

    Thanks for the advice. When I am not home I will make sure all my shades are down so the heat will not stay in my house. I understand about the humidity as I cannot stand it myself. Since I am fairly new to the basenji breed…I want to know all I can to better understand Lillie's behavior.

    I will be careful with Lillie in the hot weather and humidity. I only wish she would like water so I could hose her down to cool off.;)

    Thanks again,

  • They don't need to be hosed down… unless they are having heat stoke.. and if you really feel like she needs to be cooled down (and not really likely to happen).... the place to "ice" is the pads of the feet, dogs sweat through their pads so the is were they cool from.... typically no dog is helped by hosing, honestly unless they like water and just like to lay in it, like labs do... even a long hair dog, the under coat really acts like a heat reflector and keep the cold out the same way.. that is why it is never a good idea to shave a dog...

  • Thanks for the education. I guess I was thinking about my past dog (lab/border collie mix). She liked to go in a wading pool. She had black long hair (never shaved her). I didn't know about the ice on the pads of the feet.
    Glad to have learned that. Thanks.

  • Your welcome… of course.. Basenjis are usually not thrilled with this...gggg

  • hi, felakuti's trainer says "no ice" for dogs….but he does have a pretty nice suggestion..take a couple of white face clothes, wet them and put them in the freezer...then take one out for the dog to chew on, wash it when he is done,and you have another one all ready frozen for him. 🙂

  • This may be a dumb question…why no ice for dogs? I have always given my dogs ice and there has never been a problem.


  • I have never heard that either? While I don't give my dogs ice very often never have heard that it was bad for them? I would be more worried about them chewing on a towel?… I would not think that is very good for them?

  • No ice, I have never heard that one? Every so often he enjoys an ice cube but have never had a problem.

  • @felakuti:

    hi, felakuti's trainer says "no ice" for dogs….but he does have a pretty nice suggestion..take a couple of white face clothes, wet them and put them in the freezer...then take one out for the dog to chew on, wash it when he is done,and you have another one all ready frozen for him. 🙂

    I think I'd rather give my dog ice than a wash rag to chew on. I'd be concerned about two things – ingesting the wash cloth and giving the dog the impression that wash clothes are to be chewed on.

    I've never heard of not giving ice to a dog. Did the trainer give a reason why not? Could be personal opinion.

  • Wow…that is wierd! I wouldn't hesitate to give a dog ice, if they enjoyed it....most of mine don't too much. But I sure wouldn't want them chewing on a wash cloth. Terry cloth is one of the most dangerous kinds of cloth they can ingest because of the way it sticks in the intestines, and comes apart in stringy bits to wrap around the intestines. And Basenjis are particularly prone to shred and eat fabric.....

  • Washcloths can be very dangerous. I have known numerous people who have had basenjis who have ended up with blockages requiring very expensive surgery from ingesting towels. Not only is the blockage itself very dangerous but as Andrea said the strings of the towels can get wrapped around intestine causing further damage and can be fatal.

    As for chewing on ice, the only concerns I could find after searching the internet for one is that a dog could chip a tooth or swallow a large piece that they break off. Which are concerns for many other chew toys.

  • some of the ppl in the class questioned him about "no ice". he said the chips when they chew them could cut and stab their throats. as far as the wash cloth is concerned, i tie them in a knot so they look like a chew toy and watch him carefully with it. he loves them. one of the other ppl in the class asked him yesterday about that shredding and he answered her by saying, while he is chewing and shredding the cloth he isnt chewing and shredding your furniture or your clothes. heh This trainer is rather controversial, he got into trouble yesterday in class by saying that no dog should ever be in your bedroom, either in a crate in there or in your bed. ppl started to argue with him. it was an interesting class to say the least. 🙂

  • My personal opinion is that if you give them something like a wash cloth… it will give them the idea that they are all OK to chew... and again, as others have said I would never give them that.... as far as cut and stab the throat, will I find that pretty far fetched... IMO......
    And really, many trainers will tell you your dog should not be in your bed... easy way to give them the idea of dominance... as far as a crate in the bedroom that is where all mine are... that way if there is a problem, I am right there to hear it....

  • Hi Jodie-I'm in NJ & YES the heat was CRAZY this weekend. During our daily walk my dogs starting panting. I just gave him some extra cool water when we got home & turned on the AC. On the really hot days (90 degrees or higher) I leave the AC on b/c it can get stuffy otherwise I leave the shades down & the house stays cool. They do pant more & drink more water so just make sure your little one has plenty.

    Tanza thanks for the advice with ice on the paws…I didn't know that. Alto I knew they would have NEVER forgiven me if I hosed them down :eek: :eek: oh no! They hate that neighbors insist on these sprinkler things! LOL

    No ice??...I actually freeze chicken broth cubes & yogurt cubes & have them sit outside & they lick for hours 😃 😃

  • Thanks for all the advice. I passed on the information about putting ice on the pads to cool them off to my friends at work who also have dogs. No one (including myself) had ever heard of that! Off the subject–I gave Lillie a bath on Saturday. She was fine until the very end when her front paws were resting on my leg...she started to get anxious and scratched my legs terribly! They looked like welts. Eventually they faded and I have about 15 small black and blues to prove that she just does not like to have a bath! But, she smells delicious!


  • Baths are never considered "fun" at our house either :eek: it's more like when they see me attaching the spray hose to the sink they make a run for it. So I don't leave the water on the whole time. I get them wet :treat: lather them up :treat: rinse them off :treat: towel dry :treat: and off they go!

    I also don't run the water on their faces..water in the ears is awful. I use a damp cloth to clean their heads from ears to muzzle.

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