• So.. how hot is too hot to be walking an 8 month old B? It's in the mid 80s this week so I've stuck to walking him in the early morning but, personally, I'm the one getting antsy during the mid afternoon and want to go on a walk but definitely fear it may be too hot for him. It's mostly pavement around here, which gets quite hot but realistically, I find it helpful to know hard-ish boundaries so I have a more specific guiding star on whether I should be walking or hiking with him.

    The heat seems to turn him into a total bum (lol) so this may be a non issue since he sleeps away the majority of the day. Good to have some guidance either way.


  • Since we are in Tucson, AZ the boundaries are pretty clear this time of the year. It is the pavement more than the air temp that dictates what is too hot. Due to having a history of bladder stones I need to make sure he has extra opportunities to pee so other than early am and after sunset I go barefoot and know right away if it is too hot. During other times of the year, if he is too hot I will notice that he tends to sit down when we are under a tree so I know he is instinctively taking a break in the cooler spot. When this happens more than once I just shorten the walk. However, regardless of how hot the pavement is around the pool he will lay around out there for an hour before asking to go in to cool off!

  • I'm in the SouthEast and rotate walk time based on temps. In the winter, it's at the warmest point in the day (typically mid afternoon). During the early summer months, walks are restricted to morning and evening. During the heat of the summer, walks are really early and after dark. Late spring and summer walks always include a bottle of doggy water. Doodle figured out how to drink straight from the bottle very quickly!

  • @yahtzee92 - Agree it is the pavement or sidewalks that the heat will dictate walking... if you can walk with bare feet on the pavement/sidewalk it is OK for the pup... if not... a big NO!

  • We were in the Reno/Sparks area recently and stayed at an RV Park. The employees begged us not to walk our dogs till after sunset. They said they'd been seeing people burning their dog's toe pads all season long. I suppose If you're not sure... you might get a non-contact or surface thermometer to check the temp of the asphalt before you walk...


  • Thanks everyone, big help as always.

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